Knocked up a quick router table today.
The old bench top I picked up locally. Someone had put it out on the nature strip with a "Free" sign attached.

RT1.jpg RT2.jpg

Dusted off the Unilift and the Incra and set them in place. One corner of the lift rebate got a bit of extra loving from the trim router but it won't affect the use.
It's only 400 wide but it should be big enough to run some dovetails or box joints on the Incra.
It's hanging off the edge of the bench with a couple of holdfasts atm. That's probably not how i'll use it but I certainly could.
I will look at knocking up a stand that sits on the top of the bench. I don't have room for a free standing cabinet.
Trusty Makita 3600BR is mounted in the lift which has a Wixey DRO attached.