Hi, everyone. I'm Don writing to you from Arizona, here in the States. I have several stories of how I came to possess the woodworking tools that I have in my shop. One story concerns my Porter Cable electronic router. About 15-18 years ago, I received a call from my sister. My nephew was in grade school, and my sister was helping to gather items to sell to raise money for the school. She told me that one of the items was a "router thingy". I had no idea what she was talking about, but I said I would come over and take a look. Imagine my surprise when I saw a Porter-Cable electronic router! She said if didn't work and asked what I would pay for it. I hesitated for a few seconds, so she suggested $10.00. I immediately I said SOLD! I went home with it and called my closest Sears repair shop, who said they could repair it; no problem. It cost $60.00 when I picked it up. Bottom line, I got what amounted to a nearly brand new router for $70.00!

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