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    Default Improv Dust Extraction

    Hei Guys,
    I have recently bought a Makita MLT100 table saw, so far I've been running it with a shop vac but it needs more.
    I don't have the cash for a proper dust extractor, plus there are other issues why I shouldn't get one, but has anyone used a yard blower vac for dust extraction?
    I'm thinking with a bit of frankensteining on the nozel it could hook up easily, and a local fish & chippie sells steel drums with removable lids for $3 which would make a good base.

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    Not something I would try but it has been done before. How effective it is I have no clue. If you do make one like in the link exhaust it to the outside.

    Dust collector? I use my leaf-vac instead. - by Adam D @ ~ woodworking community


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    Blowing dust with a small or almost point source of air is like handling cats and dogs. The big pieces get blown away and the fine dust that you cannot see hangs around in this great puff ball air that takes hours to settle.

    Its always better when using small fans to pull dusty air out of a shed than to try to push clean air into it. A small fan can push the chips along but it also creates a partial vacuum behind itself which siwhere the air blown forward heads for immediately afterwards barring all the fine dust with it. So all blowing does is recycle the fine dust - it looks good because the visible chips move but the invisible ones just stay there.

    You can successfully push air in and dust out if you were to use a large fan like an oversized Evap air conditoning fan. One of the best setups I have seen is a local members shed whereby he has a full house size evap AC unit. But it is like constantly working outside on a windy day.

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