I have a WDS-400 that I need to modify to improve its dust collecting abilities. I've found a few threads where people have talked about undertaking the same process and a few ideas about how to do it, but haven't been able to find any feedback on what mods were done, or the effectiveness of the mods.
My initial thoughts were to replace the curved crappy plastic cover with the useless 2.5" dust port with a flat topped ply cover, and make it taller to allow more air movement over the top of the drum. I was unsure about what to do for a dust port/s though. the internal dimension of the existing plastic cover is 160mm, and if I replicate this with a ply cover, a 6" pipe will fit in but not have room for a BMH. This would also leave 5" to either side where the dust would need to be scrounged rather than just sucked straight up. Would I be better off with 2 x 4" ports with BMH?
Or could I cut 2 parallel sides of a 6" BMH, allowing it to fit within the top, and have the partial BMH to help scrounge out to the sides>