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    Default How to Repair Click Pens

    These are made using what I think is the P9 kit....they are a Click Mechanism and I have used 7mm tubes. For some reason the mechanism will not work properly. can anyone assist me in repairing them: I make the following observations;

    1...I am not sure whether the overall length is critical [no instructions]
    2...I have checked that the smaller 'end' of the spring is at the tip end.
    3....tried several spare refills.


    Repair P9 Click Pens #4.jpg

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    I am guessing these use a "cross" type refill, check that the refill fits through the nib end as sometimes the small hole closes slightly when being pressed into the tube simply ream it out so the refill fits (approx 2.5 mm drill ) Length of tubes is critical ,but shorter tubes will simply mean the refill pokes out a bit more than expected, and sometimes won't retract completely leaving the refill exposed , refill can have a small amount cut off the end to compensate, but it means future refills will need the same treatment cheers ~John
    G'day all !Enjoy your stay !!!

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