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    Default Stewart Spiers Panel Plane 24 (15.5")


    I have recently bought a whole bunch of planes and restored them. Amongst them was this Stewart Spiers plane. I don't think I am going to use it much although it works fine as far as I tested it. Have not sharpened the blade completely yet though.

    However I am not planning to get into collecting planes, but aquire the ones I can use for my projects. So I am thinking of selling this for the right price and invest the money in others. I did some research, but it is hard to nail down the value it should go for. It seems that anywhere between $450 and $700 looking at various sources and current ebay.

    Anyway is there anyone interested here? I am also happy to swap it against a decent Stanley #45 or #46 mostly complete. I guess trading it for a #55 is a bit of a stretch, although that would be the best.... I don't mind some restoration work as I enjoy that too.

    For this plane I did not do anything else to it other than polishing off the steel and brass or gunmetal. I cleaned the wood with some fine steel wool and waxed the whole thing to protect it.

    Let me know any thoughts and advise is appreciated.


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    Sigh... Tool p*rn pure tool p*rn
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    Hi Cklett,

    I'm interested and as luck would have it I'm Brisbane based.

    I have several planes that you might be interested in as part or full payment - 45, 46 and 55...

    Happy to have a chat to discuss.. PM sent.

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