A Few Guidelines On Starting New Threads In The Market Place

(To read the full Market Place Rules CLICK HERE)

1. Please include a location in the Title Box and the Message your state can be added via Prefix in heading. More detailed location info should be placed in the body of the post eg town or suburb.

2. If possible, attach an image of item for sale. See Tutorial below if you do not know how. If you do not have the means to attach an Image, for example, do not own a camera, please say so, so that you don't get harassed by members requesting an image.

3. Price must be included, add ONO (Or Nearest Offer) if price is negotiable. If you are not not sure of a price, add a ballpark figure.
Please note: these items WILL be deleted: Auctions, PM/Email me an Offer and those without a price.

Indicate if the item is pick up only or if you are willing to post or organise freight or other delivery methods.

5. Please post back into the thread once the item is sold or if no longer available so that a MOD can mark the thread as SOLD or click on the symbol (below your name or on the top bar of the post) and ask the mods to mark as sold, withdrawn etc

6. Item listed on eBay must not be listed for sale here whilst the eBay auction is running. You can however direct members to the eBay auction by placing a notice in the FOR SALE on eBay Forum which is also found in the Market Place.

A Quick How-To On Adding Images To Your Message

To post a picture from your computer, you need to be sure that the Picture is 200kb or smaller in file size if you don't have the ability to resize a picture then it will be done automatically when you upload via Manage Attachments as described below, This may take some time to do so patience is needed. There are a few Picture Resizing programs available online as a free download. A Google for Picture Resizing software or downloads brings up quite a few to choose from.

To upload it to your post you need to click on Manage Attachments from Additional Options located further down the page from your Message box, circled here in red

This will bring up a small popup box from which you need to then select a file by clicking on Browse (circled in red pic below ) and locate the file you want, on your computer, camera, repeat for as many files you want to attach.

Once you have selected 1 to 10 files, you then need to click the upload button (circled in Blue in pic above )and wait till they have all loaded up, can take anywhere from 5 seconds to 60 seconds or more depending on your connection and server load.

After you've uploaded the files to the server you can also placed them anywhere you want in the post as well by placing the cursor where you want the picture and then click on the Paper Clip Icon at the top of the reply box and select the picture from the dropdown box that appears, which will then insert a BB code such as [ATTACH]XXXXX[/ATTACH] where the cursor was placed.

Alternatively if you have an image in a Photo Hosting site like Photobucket, Picassa etc. You can copy the image URL and insert the image into the message by clicking on located at the top of your reply box and and inserting the URL into the pop-up box.

Then hit Submit New Thread.
NB: An image uploaded via MUST NOT be any bigger than 800 x 600 pixels or it will be removed.