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I followed the story of this boat when she featured in Classic Boat magazine (first in May 2009) with a trip across from Dartmouth to Cherbourg, then coast hopping to Le Havre, then through the French canals to Toulon, on the Med, where she lies now.
She was surveyed as in "very good condition" prior to purchase and then the owners refurbished her. The ad doesn't do justice to the amount of detailed work that was done on her.

In response to my questions:

Hi, could you tell me what the annual outgoings in Toulon would be, including mooring fees, maintenance, antifouling etc?
Is there anything owing on her, including the above?
Is she securely moored, and is this tranferable?
What is her draught? Does she run aground in canals, preventing a shore-side mooring?
The mast would need to have been unstepped to traverse the canals - is it up or down now? What does it cost to unstep/restep in France?

The owner has replied:

"The photos listed are from toulon on the day we left her. She is fully rigged and stepping the mast after our trip cost 150 euros. She is securly moored in a pen. There is nothing owing on her. She draws 5.5 feet. The canals vary in depth throughout europe from 3 feet to over 20 feet. You can search South Coast One Design for much history and info
The pen fee is approx 300 euros a month in the summer but less in winter, there is a choice of marinas in Toulon. Maintenance etc is too subjective to price however material costs are similar to Aust. Antifoul 65 euros a tin, same for hull paint etc, she is a 53 year old boat who has survived the years very well and only needs normal upkeep."

300 Euros = AUD$430 per month. A lot for an individual, but not so bad if you had a syndicate of, say, 10, who wanted to cruise the Med or the canals for 2 weeks every year! Obviously, the more she is sailed, the less the mooring fees would be, unless you wanted a permanently reserved pen.
From what I've read, SCOD's regularly sell for $8-30,000 depending on condition. This would have to be one of the better ones around.