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    David: I suspect that the earth colors are mineral-based and much more heat stable than the chemically (organic) derived colors. I have aquarelles but don't have the bloody-minded curiosity to work with them very often. The water load in the brush is so critical.

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    I feel terrible I met David last year at Trend but just didn't connect the two as David was not on the forum then.

    I made sure I spoke and watched him work from my perch across the way, seeing his work in real life is just amazing this dragon . His encouraging words well maybe on day I'll give it a try..I have burnt wood before usually in the fire though.

    David am I correct did I notice something spilt on the Dragon??

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    'Robson', you are right earth colours are just that. However with the coloured pencils you seem to get away with it most of the time regardless of the nature of the pigment. Therefore logic seems best applied after you've blundered upon some empirical fact that works. I have some aquarelle pencils too but haven't tried them yet.

    It was good to meet you 'Wheelin', at Trend Timbers the other day, thanks for the generous comments. Yes there did seem to be a small grease/oil stain on the unfinished version of the coloured dragon pyrography that appeared that day. Nothing to worry about, I did a few versions of this and I think I can fix the one mentioned, if I get around to it.

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