2 weeks ago i had a council clean up and i finally cleared out the shed almost everything went out i chucked out 4 cylinder and a 3 cylinder aluminium engine blocks, cylinder heads, crankcases, aluminium clutches, starter motors the lot was all thrown out because its value is only around 50c $1 a kilo i just didnt really care about it now 2 weeks later i buy a lathe and realise youtube is flooded with diy furnaces bugger!

i want to know is there a safe way of making a furnace? All these diy videos on youtube are just about killing your lungs, u cant breeth the dust from fire bricks, you cant breeth in perlite dust, the white fiberous mate causes lung cancer breething in plaster in paris effects your health

Is there a easy and safe way to build a furnace without harming your health?

I still have some 50x50x1.5 alloy tubing i have around 4 meters of left over 100mm i beam i would love to melt it all down for the lathe

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