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As some of you may remember I had the opportunity to visit the Black Country Museum some time ago. Well I got a chance to go back there and catch up on some of the exhibits that I didn't get chance to look at first time around.

These few pictures are for the motor cycle enthusiasts.

05-08-2018-013.jpg 05-08-2018-009.jpg 05-08-2018-012.jpg 05-08-2018-011.jpg
I found this old AJS 350 cc motor cycle very interesting, not just because of its history, but the method of providing the high voltage for the spark plug.

If you look closely at the third picture, low down on the left, you can see the magneto, the interesting bit is that it has a folding handle that can be used to manually crank it. On the other side is a chain driven gear that spins the magneto when the engine is running. The bowden cable that exits just behind the handle goes up to the handlebar to a lever which is used to adjust the advance of the spark.

The oil pump is located next to the oil tank just under the saddle. This feeds oil to the two chain drives and that side of the crank, then up the pipe coming out just behind the inlet pipe, to the top of the engine where it goes over the cylinder head and down to provide lubrication for the push rods and other side of the crank. I couldn't see if there was any lubrication at the top of the cylinder head going to the valve stems and rocker arms.

The gear lever can be seen in the second picture along with the choke and throttle levers on the handlebars. The brakes are controlled by the levers on the very ends of the handle bars.

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