Something, I would like to bounce off the forum and see what comes up.

I have a need for a 3/4" x 200mm (8") black poly riser, which I cannot buy-not made in that length.

I have rung around the plumbers and it seems all the older guys had the right die at one time, but have have recently discarded them as soon as they heard I needed one.

I really need the this riser in this length, I won't use steel as the cut and shut will rust from inside.I rather not use PVC as its not impervious to whipper snippers.

So in a rush of excrement to the brain it came to me that a 3/4" metal socket with suitable slots cut in it might be substituted for a one - off die. I will cut down a 12" (300mm) poly riser and thread it.

I can machine a slight taper -2 or 3 degrees- on the black poly.

To the brains trust then Do you think it might work?


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