Hi Gents,
I have just discovered that it may be relatively easy to make a 'working' DIY Vapour Blasting setup, but I am still trying to find the perfect place to start, ie water proof Cabinet.

I already have a Clemco steel cabinet, but I don't think it would be suitable to use water in it as it will rust quite quickly. I will sell that once this is working.

The Hare and Forbes cabinet are all steel as well, abeit painted on so will fair a bit better.
I have seen the large plastic drums used but they are a bit problematic as well. ( it's difficut to add a window to a round object )

I really want a square sided water proof cabinet. It looks like I may have to faricate one from scratch, but that has hurdles as well....

What material to use? Plastic sheet with a metal frame? Plastic sheet would be expensive and a bit of work to cut to size. I'd then have to seal the edges.....

Don't think a plywood sided cabinet would last long in a wet enviroment, even if I did seal the inside.

Ive seen a dishwasher carcass used ...... possible but I thought maybe a little small? ( need room for a wiper on the inside of the window. )

Thought about large plastic storage tubs from Bunnings, but they seem a bit small as well.

Aluminium enclosure bent up and welded?....very spendy!

Anybody have any other I deas I may have overlooked?


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