I hope this is OK with the moderators.
Found this on our sister forum, someone needing a hand in Sydney.
A copy of which is below;
I tried posting this in the hand/tools Jigs section but only got a response to post in metalwork forum which I cant seem to be able to get into but does anyone out there have a milling machine that can pop a few holes in a piece of 25mm wide x 10mm thick aluminium flat bar? I'll throw in a case of beer as an appetiser.
I don't have the capability to drill and tap these holes accurately enough. They need to be drilled spaced and aligned accurately. I can send a plan and the correct taps for the job, (taps boomerang of course).
if no one can help, can someone point me to an engineering firm near Artarmon, NSW, that they think can do it relatively cheaply.
thanks in advance

PS. I could up grade to a bottle of Bourbon if that's your thing......

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