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    Default C & J 4jaw chuck.

    I have dug out of my stash a C & J ( Crowe & Jorgensen) Made in Australia 4 jaw chuck.
    Its a 4 1/2Ē CO45#.
    I donít remember where this came from, I have the chuck key.
    It was full of old grease/oil and the jaws where very hard to wind out.
    I donít know if itís ever been used, had no backing plate.
    Ive cleaned it up in thinners, oiled it and tried the jaws.
    They are still too hard to move.
    Looking at the back the screw retainers have an internal thread.
    Would I be correct in assuming this would be for removal of them so I can try the jaws for fit.

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    Default For the hydraulisists

    For those who tinker with hydraulics. This is why seals should be replaced after a while.
    This is the piston from a bit of kit that was stripped down today as there was a suspicion that it was bypassing.
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