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    Question Rotary table anyone bought one of ozmestore1

    HI ALL,
    I am thinking about buying one of these Vertical / Horizontal Rotary Table Combo Kits of 'Ozmestore1' on EBAY. Heres is the Weblink Has Anyone Bought one of these Units of them ?. I am just after Members opinions on them if they have one of them. I know the Vertex ones are better, but I have just bought a New AL-340A. So My Budget is still a bit Tight. I have bought plenty of gear of them with no problems.
    All The Best Steran50 Stewart

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    Dave J Guest


    Like you I have bought a few things off them, so I have nothing against them. I was going to buy one of these when the dollar was down and the vertex's were up, like you because money was tight. Now that the vertex have come down in price, I am not sure if I will buy the ozmestore one now. I have a 250mm vertex and I have got no complaints with it. The tail stock is another story, they must have had a blind man machining it and there is no name on it anywhere.
    If you have to pay for freight on the ozmestore one, it will bring the price up to around $580-$600, the vertex works out to be $714 so about $130 extra, one thing to remember is the vertex will hold it's value in the future. If you ask Hare and Forbes they may even give you a better deal than the list price.
    If you want an honest opinion from people that have bought them from ozmestore, contact the buyers through his feedback, I have done this for a few things over the years.

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