Back in 2015 when Michael G located, purchased and forwarded me the Schaublin No.36 universal vice it was accompanied by a neat handle that Michael had very generously made for me. The handle, with a swing of 120mm, very conveniently cleared the mill's table.

DSC_4133 (Large).jpg

I had seen photos of the original handle supplied with the vice and it, inconveniently, would not clear the table necessitating laborious removal and replacement. But the original would enable additional tightening torque so I would snug the jaws up that bit tighter with a short shifter after a close call with disaster when a workpiece slipped.

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So, when I saw Gary Sneesby's No.36 vice with its handle while visiting Eccentric Engineering with Piers I took the opportunity to photograph, measure and "draw" the handle with a plan to make a pretend version. I knew Gary possessed the vice because Piers had spied it there during a visit a couple of years ago. Gary provided me with measured photos of the vice's articulated stop which I subsequently knocked together.

DSC_9736 (Large).jpg DSC_9738 (Large).jpg DSC_9757 (Large).jpg

The original is cast iron with a screw in handle. I had a slice of 4E cast bar which I cut roughly to a suitable cross section size but overlength using a parting off tool in the shaper. I cut from both sides and snapped through the resulting web. The 12 mm square hole was cut using a file mounted in my home made slotting head. The remainder of the machine work was done mainly with the bitty Hercus rotary table then it was onto the files.

IMG_20180826_102844154 (Large).jpg IMG_20180826_105241104 (Large).jpg DSC_9909 (Large).jpg IMG_20180902_103201957 (Large).jpg IMG_20180902_164459621 (Large).jpg IMG_20180902_171756329 (Large).jpg

IMG_20180903_160827464 (Large).jpg IMG_20180903_161110380 (Large).jpg IMG_20180904_125641161 (Large).jpg

Lacking a proper radius gauge meant making do with a cut in half washer. Got there in the end. The screw in handle is 4140. The inner curve was finished with carborundum paper wrapped around a 500 mil paint tin, the closest thing to what looked like the right radius. A lathe file took care of the rest.

IMG_20180904_161320365 (Large).jpg IMG_20180904_161343166 (Large).jpg IMG_20180916_142604743 (Large).jpg IMG_20180916_135555544 (Large).jpg IMG_20180916_135629927 (Large).jpg

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