Evening Everyone,

Promised myself more shed time this year. So far so good.IMG_0302.jpg
The blue acrylic has been 14 months in the making due to a house move and overly busy year on the farm. The middle one is from a Osage orange blank I got in the Australia Day pen swap last year. The bottom one is Bulloake. Interesting watching the orange sawdust coming of the second pen blanks. I got a mandrel saver from the kids for Christmas and learnt two important lessons during turning.
One, inspect the morse taper on the mandrel before inserting into the headstock. I couldn't figure out why the timber was flush with the bush on one side and proud on the other. I found a dob of hardened ca glue on the taper meaning I was turning off centre.
Two, make sure the mandrel saver throat is engaging the solid mandrel shaft as there is too much clearance around the threads which again had me turning slightly off centre.
Happy enough with the final results but could have done better.