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    Default Rustic style potato storage box made from recycled Rimu (NZ native timber)

    Ok I have not done any woodworking since I left school so you may as well say I am still learning and also learning what mistakes to not make again. I have made a couple of these bins before from pine one I am using right now but I was not happy with how I made or joined them together as everything was just bits of wood just butted up against each other with a strip of timber screwed across the tops and bottoms of these particular bins. With this current bin I am making for a friend I am doing things different with the joining the wood panels together to make each side I have dowel jointed all of the butt joints while making my sides, when assembling everything to form the actual box I have cut rebates with the router down the edges of two of the box sides to make lap joints this is so far the only area that I have used screws and I am happy about that even though I know I wil have to use them when I put the strips of wood across the top and bottoms of the sides and when I also put in the base which will be made from pine as that part never gets seen.

    All of the timber you see in the pictures I have ripped myself from old wall studs and framing on my triton MK3 using my old japan made 235mm ryobi W840C with a 20T ripping blade, the only way you can get rimu these days is if you buy from demolition yards or privately from those who have sourced it from house demolitions and I do not mind having to mill it down myself to get the wood dimensions I want. Some of the timber I have used hand planes or a sander to tidy it up

    one of the last sides to be made and currently sitting in the clamps waiting for the glue to dry while I am writing this post before I can do the final trim up and rebate cut, by the way this side is now fully assembled in this pic it was only half done

    Rimu bin1.jpg

    Some of the assembly work I have done today from the sides I made up last weekend (damn it the sideways fairy struck again)

    Rimu bin2.jpg

    rimu bin3.jpg

    Rimu bin4.jpg

    More progress pics to come

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    Some more pictures of the progress the bin is pretty much done with just some tidying up to do along with some sanding and oiling with boiled linseed oil, this potato box/bin is turning out to be the best one I have made yet.

    Base is in and lid has been made and fitted I used pine to make the base and lid
    rimu bin 5.jpg

    Thank goodness for router tables I would never have been able to do this free hand
    rimu bin6.jpg

    There will be strips of wood going all the way around the top and the base of the box I am considering doing a mixture of pine and rimu for this.
    rimu bin8a.jpg

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