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    Default Help needed to refurbish childrens table/seats

    Hi All,

    We have a childs table and chairs from when our daughter was a toddler. It is circa 28 years old and made from pine. Not sure what the finish is, but as it was bought from a market so assume the cheapest finish and possibly polyurethane floor finish. But I am not sure.

    SWMBO wants me to strip and refinish them for our Grandchild(s), but I think that I can recondition them without having to sand, by cleaning etc. There are no dings or any substantial marks.

    Any suggestions on how to bring them back to 'as new' condition?

    Sorry for the pictures, but I cannot rotate them.

    Melissa Chair WP_20180606_12_53_59_Rich.jpg

    Melissa Chair WP_20180606_12_54_14_Pro.jpg

    Thanks all.


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    I picked up a child's rocking chair in similar condition and cleaned it up with our Benevolent Dictator's Polish Reviver. It was amazing how much dirt and grime came off. Might be worth a try

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