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1st 3ph 3phase 4 off 9 28th 55hp 105 200mm 260 310 2006 2015 2016 aaadd accuracy action advice air al250g art balancing bandsaw beachcomber bears beautiful bench bevel bit bits black blade blank blanks bloody board bomb borrowing bought break bring brisbane bs16a bullet bulls burls camphor card cart cedar cheap classic cleaning clearance closure clutch columbus community compact conversations conversion convert converting coolant costa cube curled cut cutting dayboat deco decorative depression deserved design dh330 diary displacement disstons dog door doughter drilling drum durden dust duty ebony edge end engraver epoxy expandable extraction fair fast february feed fiji filters finding finger forstner free fun gauges genset good grain great grinder guinea gummie guys hafco happened head heavy hercus high holiday holy homemade horn hoses hot household identify info insert intersecting intersting iron issues italian jet joins knurling kyneton latest lathe launch laurel lever lightbox limited lion load lost m408s machine man managing mango manual march marcia maria marquetry masterpieces men metabo meter micrometer milling moisture monster mortice or cutting motor mould or fungus or growth no4 operator or is paint panel paper paulownia pelin pelin diesel cruiser pen pencil pens phase phone photo pictures pig pin piston plane positioning posture potatoes pre problem product products profile proshop putt putt question rack rail refurbishment restoration rip rippa root round routing rusty sale salutations sander sat scale scams scrapers secret sensitive shed sheoak single skewback slot specials speed stabilizing steam steel sticks stock stops sublime sun sunday super supermarket supplier sydney symptoms table tearout test thicknesser thoughts tool towel trades traditional travel trees trucks turbine turning usa vfd vic waldown wanted wanted hull up to 24 wax weapon weird welder west wind window wine wishing wood woodfast woodlathes word work workshop world wynyard yoga zinken