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  1. Timber Swap Forum Please Read Me
  2. Redgum offer
  3. Eucalipt Burl (Box Making)
  4. Blackwood Pen Blanks
  5. Wanted dry Mulga
  6. Free Oregon
  7. FREE woodturning blanks - Brisbane
  8. Norfolk Island pine...?
  9. Burl for Box Making
  10. timber sample collection
  11. b,wood .elm.banksia.oak.
  12. English Oak timber
  13. trade for American woods?
  14. Trades
  15. Pen Blanks
  16. Tasmanian Blue gum
  17. timber swap S E Melbourne
  18. Osage Orange
  19. Aussie wood samples needed in USA
  20. Wanted: Hairy Oak in Brisbane
  21. hoop pine
  22. Just too far, wish it wasn't
  23. Swap- Red mallee for other Burl (Ncl)
  24. Swap Cedar Blocks - Adelaide SA
  25. sustainable ebony?
  26. Vancouver wood for Aussie wood??
  27. drerssed redgum, for two slabs
  28. interested in swapping some timber
  29. Looking for Black Mulga and Snakewood
  30. I Would Love some Purple Heart
  31. Desperately Seeking Hairy Oak
  32. Oregon??????
  33. pen & handle blanks swap
  34. QLD Beech
  35. Bimble Box Burl - pen blanks
  36. Hardwood Timber to give away
  37. Wanted BURLS
  38. Ash and willow
  39. Free Timber & Other Materials
  40. Inspiring Thread
  41. Peppercorn wood
  42. Taken-Australian Cedar Skirting Board - Free-Taken
  43. Brown Mallee Burl
  44. Sheoak
  45. Jarrah Burl
  46. Wanted: Camphor Laurel Perth
  47. Camphor laurel wanted Brisbane CBD
  48. Newcastle Camphor laurel
  49. hairy oak
  50. I want to swap, but how do you get to swap samples when you are just starting out?
  51. SWAP ancient kauri for ancient Redgum
  52. Osage logs
  53. Small pieces of oak to give away: Sydney - New Home Found
  54. Wanted: English Ash, Melbourne
  55. ID needed - then swap some?
  56. American Oak
  57. FREE - shop desk and panels
  58. Pinus radiata 1.5 hours ex Melb
  59. crows ash
  60. Jichi wood to trade/swap
  61. Sheoak Wanted
  62. Blackwood for native Queensland wood
  63. mango to give away to a good home
  64. Anyone in Brisbane with spare wood?
  65. Purple Gidgee
  66. Wanted Batu Decking and 140x45 treated pine PERTH WA
  67. North African / Lebanon Cedar Perth
  68. Australian RED CEDAR
  69. Cedar??
  70. Canberra - Trade Cooktown Ironwood for Other
  71. Knifemaker looking for timber to swap
  72. WA She Oak
  73. Rosewood Pen Blanks
  74. Apple - Hairy Oak
  75. NSW:Swap WANTED: Various Solid Log Sections.
  76. QLD:Swap Brown Pine & Fishtail Oak Wanted
  77. NSW:Swap sheoak swap
  78. QLD:Swap qld southern pender need to swap for decking
  79. QLD:Swap Brisbane QLD pen blanks to give away
  80. VIC:Swap baltic pine flooring for framing timber
  81. WA:Swap WA - FREE - Cape Lilac mill ends
  82. WA:Swap Offcuts?
  83. WA:Swap Mobile miller - Perth WA
  84. QLD:Swap ripped off
  85. NSW:Swap Free Paulownia off cuts
  86. NSW:Swap Swap small bits of mulberry for you tell me
  87. WA:Swap WANTED. Bubinga&Purpleheart
  88. NSW:Swap Jarrah Parquetry - free if you pickup
  89. VIC:Swap Huon Pine in Melbourne?
  90. NSW:Swap Ebony?
  91. VIC:Swap Banksia cones?
  92. NSW:Swap Mango - Large sections - looking to swap. ( in Sydney)
  93. QLD:Swap QLD Red Cedar
  94. QLD:Swap silver ash
  95. QLD:Swap or free Forest red gum big end sections
  96. WA:Swap Swap slabs for WHY
  97. VIC:Swap DONE-Apple free to whoever may want it
  98. QLD:Swap Pen blanks
  99. NSW:Swap Looking for a Kiln dryed or Well weathered Log for a Wooden Dummy
  100. WA:Swap Cape Lilac - Free!
  101. NSW:Swap Camphor Laurel to McKay
  102. QLD:Swap Hardwood Bits
  103. QLD:Swap Fresh Paulownia *FREE* unless you want to give me something
  104. WA:Swap FREE Fruit tree wood - Albany West Oz
  105. QLD:Swap wanted Spanish Cedar have Celery Top Pine
  106. NSW:Swap Timber, Ashfield Sydney
  107. ACT:Swap Teak - pick up only
  108. VIC:Swap new zeeland timber
  109. WA:Swap Pine trees
  110. NSW:Swap Timber swap
  111. WA:Swap Wa sheoak
  112. QLD:Swap Satin Box,Satin wood, yellow wood
  113. NSW:Swap Camphor Laurel
  114. QLD:Swap Pieces of Scented Maple to Give Away.
  115. NSW:Swap Timber sleepers.
  116. QLD:Swap WANTED: Bunya, Kauri or Hoop Pine billets
  117. VIC:Swap Eucalypt logs to give away
  118. DONE merbu, f17, pine, painted pine (white) for beer
  119. NSW:Swap Blackwood - swap for a nice light coloured wood
  120. NSW:Swap Blackwood for American Oak
  121. ACT:Swap Trade American wood for Ausie
  122. QLD:Swap Wanted Australian Ebony.
  123. TAS:Swap WA Desert Timberss needed
  124. DONE Give away assortment of Timber
  125. VIC:Swap Looking for Zebrano in Melbourne and surrounds.
  126. NSW:Swap Bull Oak and Other Aussie Timber For Knife Handles- Swap You Ancient Kauri
  127. QLD:Swap Want Huon - Have many desert timbers and others
  128. NSW:Swap Kauri pine floorboards
  129. NSW:Swap Want some nice blackwood? Swap for something interesting.
  130. NSW:Swap Swap 57 Huon/blackwood/myrtle pen blanks for knife blocks
  131. VIC:Swap Spotted gum, tallowood or blackbutt wanted in Melbourne
  132. QLD:Swap Camphor Laurel wanted please
  133. QLD:Swap Silky Oak swap
  134. TAS:Swap Spanish Cedar
  135. QLD:Swap Silky Oak Swap
  136. VIC:Swap Burly african blackwood boards will swap for dark purple rosewoods
  137. NSW:Swap King Billy pine table
  138. NSW:Swap SWAP - Cooba Wattle
  139. QLD:Swap QLD Looking for timber connections
  140. WA:Swap Lemon Scented Gum & River Red Gum Logs - give away
  141. QLD:Swap Looking for some Coachwood - have all sorts to trade!
  142. NSW:Swap looking for offcuts to buy
  143. NSW:Swap Wagga Wagga free good timber today 28 Feb
  144. QLD:Swap big old hoop pine
  145. WA:Swap WA Timbers for Black Palm
  146. QLD:Swap Southern Silky Oak Logs
  147. NSW:Swap Free Timber - Gladesville 2111
  148. WA:Swap free jarrah, karri
  149. QLD:Swap Mulga wanted
  150. QLD:Swap Ringed gidgee