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  1. Japanese waterstones
  2. Japanese Chisels
  3. Video on Manufacture of Japanese Hand Tools
  4. A Visit to a Japanese Knife/Chisel Shop
  5. Newbie wanting Help finding japanese tool supplier in australia
  6. Japanese style saw
  7. Japanese saws - are they cheaper in Japan?
  8. Can anyone read Japanese?
  9. Japanese Tools !!!!!
  10. japanese wetstone: what is the equivalent grit?
  11. traditional Japanese handsaws?
  12. An amazing Japanese joint
  13. Japanese tooth saw doctor?
  14. Laminated Japanese Plane Blades?
  15. Japanese Chisels
  16. Sourcing steel hoops for Japanese chisels
  17. Japanese !!!!!
  18. Japanese tools sold on eBay, and Web Shop coming soon.
  19. Japanese Natural Waterstone (Oohira Suita) on eBay w/ lots of readings on the subject
  20. Guideline on getting good Japanese tools!
  21. On Japanese sharpening stones, saws, and some ads(?)
  22. Many thanks for opening this new thread!
  23. Dovetails with my Japanese saw
  24. Sharpening
  25. Uniqueness of Japanese Plane
  26. Japanese artlicles in Aust. Wood Review
  27. How to Use a Japanese Plane 1: How to Set the Blade
  28. how can one recognise a jo-shiko kanna unless you actually use it?
  29. Japanese tool names and terms.
  30. Mitsukawa Dozuki Issues
  31. Japanese Tool Glossary A-M
  32. Japanese Blacksmiths
  33. Japanese joinery
  34. Help me out with perfecting the Glossary
  35. Japanese finishing
  36. How to Sharpen a Plane Blade Part1: How to Make a Beautiful Ura (Uraoshi Technique)
  37. Chiyozuru Korehide kiridashi knives for sale
  38. How to Sharpen a Plane Blade Part2: How to sharpen the front side.
  39. Koyamaichi
  40. grind a oiire nomi to a usu nomi?
  41. How to set up a brand new chisel
  42. How to Sharpen a Plane Blade Part 3: How to sharpen the front side freehanded.
  43. An Oire Nomi WIP: Part I - Initial review on receipt
  44. My Japanese Chisels
  45. Joy of a tuned kanna
  46. How often do you see a delaminating J chisel?
  47. Kiridashi - please explain.
  48. What about Yamahiro?
  49. Wood for nomi handles
  50. Website
  51. Japanese Dovetail Chisel
  52. Addresses to buy japanese tools in japan?
  53. This will blow your mind!!!!!!
  54. Speaking of "Neat" things........
  55. My Ebay Chisels ?
  56. An Oire Nomi WIP: Part II - Sharpening Station setup
  57. An Oire Nomi WIP: Part III - Chisel number one, flattening the back
  58. removing stuck blades from old planes
  59. japanese hand tool video
  60. Meet up in Tokyo?
  61. thinners and stuff in Japanese
  62. Advice Please.. first Japanese chisel
  63. first chisel....which size?
  64. My New Mortise Chisel's
  65. Looking For Kanna Info
  66. Natural Stones
  67. Setting handle to A E Berg Socket chisel?
  68. Do you use all your tools?
  69. Where Else
  70. New acquisition: Jap style HA smoother
  71. Used Japanese Tools
  72. Japanese chisels for beginner
  73. Japanese woodworking glossary
  74. Laminated Steel Blades
  75. bamboo (or hinoki?) pegs
  76. Honoki wood
  77. Old and new Japanese tools, tansu, wood...
  78. work injuries
  79. Shokunin
  80. Mitre joint
  81. Azebiki size recommendation
  82. bit of advice
  83. Japanese Dai Size Question
  84. need help... for mortise ...
  85. Protecting blades from rust
  86. Work Experience in Japan
  87. Chisel Handle Replacement
  88. What do you use for removing a lot of metal?
  89. New to Japanese hand tools
  90. A Second Chisel Done!
  91. should new chisel edges be square?
  92. Natural Japanese waterstones
  93. Anyone using Japanese natural waterstones?
  94. Genno (japanese Hammers)
  95. Anyone recognise this brand
  96. japanese stone
  97. Nakaya vs 'Z'
  98. how to cross cut
  99. scraper plane
  100. Shooting for Perfection
  101. Sale on ebay
  102. Happy Birthday to me!
  103. Japanese plane ID
  104. My first Dai
  105. japanese 'slick' chisel
  106. japanese carpentry school
  107. Does Soatoz still sell tools?
  108. Questions about the Kitayama whetstone
  109. Bench hook ?
  110. Blacksmiths?
  111. Restoring a Plane Blade
  112. Plane Sole Conditioning with Sandpaper
  113. Japanese saw blade
  114. naive question about sharpening blade for smoothing: camber the edge?
  115. Dozuki - Depth of cut
  116. Need Technique Tips for Ryoba Saw
  117. Which Chisels are Worthy?
  118. Help identifying a finishing stone, please
  119. What's the Japanese method of dimensioning lumber?
  120. Height adjustable bench/horses?
  121. Saw for cutting tenons
  122. Who's the Melbourne outlet forSharkSaws now?
  123. Secondhand tools on eBay
  124. Japanese knives.
  125. Seasonal Tidings
  126. Kanna vs Genno
  127. The Art of Japanese Carpentry Drawing by Chris Hall
  128. Japanese Silky Hibiki Ryoba Saw?
  129. Build Thread
  130. help about japanese plane blade
  131. Rip vs cross cut
  132. Kakuri
  133. someone have a dai - kanna making tutorial
  134. A revelation...
  135. japanese saws handle
  136. Definition of Hardness in Water stones & Sigma Power Stones
  137. J Tool nuts in sydney
  138. videos of nomi and kanna forging???
  139. uradashi depth
  140. CT Tomoe Chokokuto carving chisel info/maker?
  141. Pull Saws - Genetic differences
  142. Japanese Laminated Plane Blades For Sale
  143. Japanese blade for sale in Buy & Sell forum
  144. Polishing plane for Sugi
  145. Some new Japanese Chisels by Yamahiro
  146. Cool Japanese adjustable tongue plane
  147. Blogs
  148. Japanese plane blades and honing guides
  149. Japanese Tools in Buy/Sell section
  150. Tools