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  1. Taurus Metal Cut-off Saw
  3. FOR SALE:NSW Carter 4 1/2" Vice.
  4. FOR SALE:ACT Sieg SC3 Hi Torque metal lathe (as new) $890
  5. FOR SALE:QLD Mobility kit for Laguna 12-14 bandsaw
  6. FOR SALE:QLD lathe tooling
  7. FOR SALE:VIC 2 BT 40 side lockholders
  8. WITHDRAWN Leitz 300x3.2/2.2x30 28t saw blade (new unused)
  9. WITHDRAWN Saw blade 300x3mm 80t (30mm arbor) unknown manufacturer possibly Freud
  10. WITHDRAWN Lamitec 300x3.2 32t, 30mm arbor - freshly sharpened
  11. WITHDRAWN BSP saw blade 300x3.2 72t 30mm arbor
  12. FOR SALE:QLD Seig KX3 CNC Mill / Milling Machine
  13. FOR SALE:QLD SIEG SX3 Milling Machine
  14. FOR SALE:VIC 3M and Norton finishing belts
  15. FOR SALE:VIC Hermes 180mm x 80g Fibre discs
  16. PLEASE READ WTB: tube bender
  17. PLEASE READ Router plate - machining - nsw
  18. FOR SALE:QLD AL-54b Lathe
  19. FOR SALE:QLD Moore and Wright Metric Radius Guage 206M
  20. FOR SALE:SA Non-ferrous metals
  21. FOR SALE:NSW Ryobi 12 Speed Bench mount drill press
  22. FOR SALE:QLD BOC Smootharc MIG 180
  23. FOR SALE:QLD Honden metal lathe for sale
  24. PLEASE READ Want to buy brass screws
  25. FOR SALE:VIC HAFCO Metal Cutting Bandsaw BS4A - Ormond/Carnegie
  26. FOR SALE:ACT EMCO Unimat SL1000 lathe
  27. FOR SALE:QLD Stepper motors, NEMA 34 for CNC
  29. FOR SALE:ACT Myford ml7 lathe
  30. FOR SALE:VIC 3m general purpose scotch-brite wheels
  31. FOR SALE:QLD Spiraling tool
  32. FOR SALE:NSW MiniMIG mig 120 welder
  33. FOR SALE:NSW Crompton parkinson girder buff.
  34. FOR SALE:QLD Vertex EDGE Finder Optical signal
  35. FOR SALE:VIC WIA Weldmatic 200I mig welder as new
  36. FOR SALE:QLD 2 boxes spanners -
  37. FOR SALE:NSW BSP pipe stock and dies
  38. FOR SALE:QLD pipe stock and dies
  39. FOR SALE:NSW Ozito Abrasion Cut Off Saw (near new) - $90 at Katoomba
  40. FOR SALE:NSW Sidchrome Socket Set- NEW
  41. FOR SALE:NSW Jobbers Twist Drills
  42. FOR SALE:VIC Murex Welding rods
  43. FOR SALE:VIC Engineers 4" Vice $30.00
  44. FOR SALE:VIC Mitutoyo depth micrometers - imperial. Multiple available. $80 each posted.
  45. FOR SALE:NSW Servian drill press
  46. FOR SALE:VIC heavy rightangle block with v grovves
  47. FOR SALE:VIC P&N 1 inch reamer no 3 MT
  48. FOR SALE:ACT Pipe Stocks and Dies and pipe vise
  49. FOR SALE:VIC Stanley - planer blades - various sizes
  50. FOR SALE:NSW NSW- Advance Lathe for sale
  51. FOR SALE:VIC Cold Saw - H&F Model CS-275 - 90 x 50mm Rectangle Capacity - Pretty much as new