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  1. Slab wanted Newcastle Area
  2. WANTED: Belt/Disk sander combiation
  3. WANTED: A free to good home Chisel Set
  4. Wanted: 9ppi and 11ppi handsaws - 24" to 26"
  5. Want to buy: Queensland Maple for guitar body
  6. Wanted to Buy - Parts for SCM L'invincible C35
  7. Wanted: Triton 2000 workcentre parts
  8. Cast Iron Extension Wing: Wanted to buy.
  9. Wanted to Buy - VL300 Extension Bed
  10. PLEASE READ BASIC Market Place rules PLEASE READ
  11. Wanted (Vic) Wanted to buy
  12. Wanted (QLD) Small sheet metal guillotine in working order
  13. Wanted (SA) Bandsaw fence
  14. Wanted (NSW) Tablesaw mitre - secondhand would be great - for Bosch GTS10
  15. Wanted (QLD) Drum Sander - Brisbane/Logan/Gold Coast
  16. Looking for Camphor laurel slab supplier
  17. Wanted (QLD) WTB Various hardwoods dressed for guitar fretboards.
  18. Wanted (QLD) QLD Acacia timber logs wanted
  19. Wanted (QLD) Want to buy. Hand router plane in good order.
  20. Wanted (QLD) Trim Router
  21. Wanted (QLD) Timber to turn
  22. Wanted (QLD) Woodworking Tools - Stationary
  23. Wanted (SA) Wood lathe Max $1000 all up
  24. FOR SALE:NSW wanted drill bit sharpening jig
  25. Wanted (QLD) WANTED: 3 phase Jointer/Surfacer.
  26. Wanted (QLD) Kwila/Merbau Decking Offcuts - Brisbane
  27. Wanted (Vic) Huon pine birds eye
  28. Wanted (Vic) WANTED - Chainsaw mill
  29. Wanted (QLD) Brisbane :- Bobbin sander
  30. Wanted (NSW) V Drum Sander
  31. Wanted (SA) Hook Ruler
  32. Wanted (WA) Where to buy Anchorseal (or similar) to seal log ends
  33. Wanted (QLD) Triton 2000 Biscuit Joiner Spring Return Mechanism BJA041
  34. Wanted (WA) Drum Sander
  35. Wanted (NSW) Hegner ZFG 12 Finger Jointer
  36. Wanted (QLD) Twin Drum Sander + Domino
  37. Hercus PC200 lathe or PC300 mill
  38. Wanted (NSW) Dust Extractor
  39. Wanted (Vic) 15 inch thicknesser wanted
  40. Wanted (QLD) Saw setting pliers
  41. Wanted (QLD) 2 hp Dust Extractor
  42. Wanted (SA) Two way draw runners
  43. Wanted (QLD) Parting Tool Material
  44. Wanted (Vic) Block Plane
  45. Wanted (NSW) Woodturning lathe 800x300mm
  46. Wanted (Vic) Chisel roll
  47. Wanted (NSW) Wanted - Hyco/woodfast Combo belt disc sander
  48. Wanted (QLD) Parts for Performax (or JET) 16-32 Plus Drum Sander
  49. Wanted (NSW) Quartersawn blackbutt. 75x 75 300mm long
  50. Wanted (QLD) PaulCall branded parts
  51. FOR SALE:QLD barley twist lathe
  52. Wanted (Vic) Drum sander
  53. Wanted (SA) Unusual Request small fans
  54. Wanted (QLD) Source in Brisbane for Tas Oak picture frame moulding
  55. Wanted (QLD) Blower and Cyclone for dust extraction
  56. Wanted (NSW) Wabeco Drill Holder
  57. Wanted (NSW) 151 Spokeshave Blade
  58. Wanted (NSW) Hyco bandsaw parts
  59. Wanted (QLD) Hammer K3 or Felder Sliding Saw
  60. Wanted (SA) Thicknesser
  61. Looking for mortiser
  62. Wanted (Vic) Table saw single phase and drum sander
  63. Wanted (SA) hardwood slabs for stair treads
  64. Wanted (SA) WTB Titebond Regular 1 litre
  65. Wanted (ACT) WTB: veritas low angle jack
  66. Wanted (NSW) Vintage wooden Jointer/Trying Plane
  67. Wanted (Vic) Kity 613 Bandsaw
  68. Wanted (WA) Broken/not working Tormek 2006
  69. Wanted (QLD) Canopy for mitsubishi ute
  70. Wanted (QLD) Wanted to Buy - Small Sliding Table Saw
  71. Wanted (SA) Yankee bits
  72. Wanted (NSW) Looking forward to the supplier of camphor laurel timbers
  73. Wanted (QLD) Looking forward to the supplier of camphor laurel timbers
  74. Wanted (NSW) SN2 125mm dia chuck laws
  75. Wanted (Vic) WTB: METAL MILL, Head Only
  76. Wanted (Vic) WTDCombination Ezycut planner/saw motor
  77. Wanted (QLD) Camphor laurel needed
  78. Wanted (Vic) The Art of Woodworking
  79. Wanted (QLD) planer/thicknesser single ph
  80. Wanted (Vic) Upholstery tack puller
  81. Wanted (SA) Handle for Drill Press
  82. Wanted (WA) Perth, Western Australia
  83. Wanted (NSW) Planes
  84. Wanted (Vic) Cooktown Ironwood Blanks
  85. Wanted (Vic) Table Saw in SE Vic
  86. Wanted (Vic) Disc sander
  87. Wanted (Vic) Wanted Nova 3000 used
  88. PLEASE READ Stanley wood plane
  89. Wanted (Vic) RS 3000 Ornamental Turning .
  90. Wanted (QLD) Chattertool
  91. Wanted (SA) Radial Arm Saw
  92. Wanted (QLD) Wanted limb/branch with bark still on.
  93. Wanted (Vic) 14" Bandsaw
  94. Wanted (WA) Wringer Washing machine bowl
  95. PLEASE READ Wanted Overhead Router / Pin Router
  96. Wanted (QLD) Ellsworth Sharpening Jigs
  97. Wanted (Vic) 150mm PVC
  98. Wanted (QLD) Wanted Durden Junior parts
  99. Wanted (Vic) Wood working Machines and tools
  100. Wanted (NSW) Oscilloscope
  101. Wanted (NSW) Small Bandsaw
  102. Wanted (SA) Holzprofi mitre table for slider
  103. Wanted (Vic) Looking for 380 PFC, Mild Steel 400mm length
  104. Wanted (QLD) drill press riser
  105. Wanted (QLD) box trailer
  106. Wanted (SA) Brobo Waldown 8sn drill press table
  107. Wanted (ACT) ASUS laptop base
  108. Wanted (SA) Mortiser
  109. Wanted (Vic) Scroll Saw Excalibur/General
  110. Wanted (QLD) Wanted: 2m+ length of 125mm dia. Dust extraction hose
  111. Wanted (Vic) Hitachi TR12 Router Parts
  112. Wanted (NSW) Garden Tools
  113. Wanted (WA) Collecting Titan Chisels Book
  114. Wanted (Vic) Red and brown mallee burl
  115. Wanted (WA) Tablesaw
  116. Wanted (WA) Australian Trees and Shrubs-Common and Scientific Names and Toxic Properties
  117. Wanted (Vic) Thornely MBT junior jointer
  118. Wanted (QLD) Wood Lathe
  119. Wanted (QLD) Men's or Women's Bike - Poor Condition is Fine
  120. Wanted (Vic) WANTED: Feature Grade Spotted Gum Decking 135mm (NO PACK LOTS)
  121. Wanted (Vic) Custom barn sliding door
  122. Wanted (QLD) power feeder single phase, incra positioner
  123. Wanted (NSW) Looking for a 2' [600mm] of 6" Flexible Hose for Dust Collector connection please!
  124. Wanted (NSW) Benchtop spiral/helix head thicknesser and jointer
  125. Wanted (NSW) WTB Veritas Panel Clamp Sets
  126. Wanted (Vic) 2 of 5m x 5m 2um Black Builders Film - Close to Glen Iris, 3146 - Will come to you
  127. Wanted (QLD) handle for a tajima saw
  128. Wanted (SA) Looking for sharpening gear
  129. Wanted (QLD) STANLEY Plane part Chip breaker / backing plate to suit 5 1/2 plane ( or 4 1/2 , 6,7)
  130. Wanted (NSW) Bandsaw (something cheap 'n dirty)
  131. Wanted (ACT) Record No 8 Plane
  132. Wanted (WA) Wanted - jarrah bookcases
  133. Wanted (Vic) Wanted: Dewalt Dw735 - hardly used condition near Glen Iris, Vic 3146
  134. Wanted (NSW) B & D 8" Circular saw guard
  135. Wanted (Vic) 3/4 or 1" Spindle moulder / shaper cutters
  136. PLEASE READ Disc Sander
  137. PLEASE READ Travelling to London
  138. Wanted (SA) Sliding Compound Mitre Saw
  139. Wanted (Vic) Rosewood, ebony exotics for luthier
  140. Wanted (ACT) Triton Mk 3 locking pin
  141. Wanted (SA) 8 inch Jointer
  142. Wanted (QLD) Durden Acessories
  143. Wanted (WA) decent table or panel saw (single phase) up to $2000
  144. Wanted (WA) thicknesser, single phase
  145. Wanted (Vic) Power feed
  146. Wanted (ACT) Robinson Guitar Inlay - 3 DVD set
  147. Wanted (WA) Rockler Louvre jig set
  148. Wanted (NSW) M30 3.5 scroll chuck, #2 live center, hollowing tools
  149. Wanted (NSW) Timber framing auger ( t auger)
  150. Wanted (QLD) Lazzari junior panel saw