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  1. Old Sash Clamp - Free to Good Home
  2. Free - benchtop
  3. Giveaway.....Chuck Insert 1" x 10 tpi
  4. Giveaway Teknatool Wood Lathe
  5. Free Pen blanks
  6. Free 50 cc Burette and Stand
  7. Free hardwood beams from house demo
  8. Free 50cc Burette and Stand
  10. FREE (WA) Kitchen doors - raised panel in Tasmanian Oak.
  11. FREE (NSW) wildern pump
  12. FREE (SA) metal louvre panels
  13. FREE (NSW) Hand weights
  14. FREE (SA) EZSMART Track Saw System, Makita 5007MG Circular Saw, Record No 7 Plane, + more
  15. Red gum
  16. Free offcuts +
  17. FREE (VIC) New Bearings- 40mm O/D X 3/4" I/D X 12mm
  18. FREE (VIC) Various Airline Bits
  19. FREE (VIC) 1 HP dust Extractor Bags X 9
  20. FREE (QLD) FREE Chuck Insert 1" x 10tpi
  21. FREE (QLD) GPW Chuck set
  22. FREE (QLD) Jacaranda sawn boards for box making
  23. FREE (QLD) Workshop storage cupboards
  24. FREE (QLD) Wood Review Issue 95 (current)
  25. FREE (WA) Blowfly sanding attachment
  26. FREE (SA) metal brackets
  27. FREE (QLD) Firewood
  28. Want to swap a saw
  29. FREE (VIC) Huon Pine Veneer 10 sheets
  30. FREE (QLD) Free - Good size for Clocks or a Kettle
  31. SWAP Stanley Bailey 4 1/2C Corrugated Plane
  32. FREE (NSW) (Sydney) Queensland Kauri Church Pews
  33. SWAP White faced 18mm MDF
  34. FREE (VIC) Stanley 199
  35. FREE (Anywhere) Makita LXT batteries - not working
  36. FREE (VIC) Griggio SC3200 panel saw (broken + free)
  37. FREE (VIC) Home made lathe
  38. FREE (NSW) Free workbench
  39. FREE (QLD) Giveaway Bandsaw Blades - 3 @ 2845mm long
  40. DONE Giveaway Bandsaw Blades - 6 @ 2375mm long
  41. FREE (VIC) Palm wree - come and get it Altona Meadows
  42. FREE (VIC) A small bucket of Triton 10mm biscuits
  43. FREE (SA) Wine barrel
  44. FREE (NSW) Free Eximo Speedlock Ducting
  45. FREE (VIC) Valve radio parts
  46. FREE (SA) Pacific Teak cladding left over from house build
  47. FREE (NSW) Smallish hardwood slabs - free
  48. FREE (NSW) Vice screw, free
  49. FREE (NSW) FREE Large Microwave Oven
  50. FREE (VIC) Timber (But there's a bit of a catch......)
  51. FREE (QLD) Various cabinet timbers and material for FREE, Brisbane
  52. FREE (VIC) Bolts and nuts.
  53. FREE (NSW) NSW - Free timber rack - posted in Timber forum as well
  54. FREE (QLD) Miscellaneous minor timber and related publications
  55. FREE (SA) GMC saw
  56. FREE (SA) Blade setting jig APK13
  57. FREE (QLD) Organoil Danish oil 1 litre
  58. FREE (VIC) Free Bandsaw Blade - 3610mm - 1TPI - 30mm wide - Melbourne
  59. FREE (NSW) Hafco 14" Bandsaw
  60. FREE (VIC) Ezycut - single phase combo free Scoresby Vic
  61. FREE (WA) Large AC exhaust fan
  62. FREE (NSW) Powerline BK1 bandsaw (aka Burgess)
  63. FREE (WA) Sheoak offcuts suit pen turner
  64. SWAP Wanting some 125mm dia. Dust extraction hose
  65. FREE (VIC) 8-ball/air hockey table - free
  66. FREE (VIC) FREE: New fence palings | Baltic Pine | Mrytle Beech | Used parquetry | Mower
  67. SWAP gas cooktop
  68. FREE (NSW) makita gb800 bench grinder free
  69. FREE (QLD) Bundle of Free Ebony blanks
  70. FREE (QLD) Free bundle of thin ebony pieces
  71. FREE (NSW) Douglas Compi saw (incomplete)
  72. FREE (QLD) Free Toy Making Plans from enjoymakingwoodentoys.com
  73. FREE (QLD) Free Knife Setting Jig for 15 inch thicknesser
  74. FREE (QLD) Free Knife retaining blocks for 300mm jointer or thicknesser
  75. FREE (QLD) Free Knife retaining blocks for 24 inch thicknesser
  76. FREE (VIC) Kreg Router Table Fense
  77. FREE (QLD) Wooden bandsaw
  78. FREE (QLD) Free set of 520mm long Planer Knives
  79. FREE (QLD) Giveaway - Adjustable Blum drilling jig
  80. FREE (QLD) Grinder & wood vice
  81. FREE (QLD) Bandsaw Guides
  82. FREE (Anywhere) WoodRiver 4-way Clamping System
  83. SWAP Mr
  84. FREE (VIC) Tea tree
  85. FREE (QLD) handy storage tubs
  86. FREE (QLD) Mango Tree crotch pieces
  87. FREE (VIC) 65 X 18mm FJ primed pine
  88. FREE (Anywhere) Triton Miscellaneous Stuff
  89. FREE (VIC) Sheet Melamine
  90. FREE (NSW) Cherry Tree
  91. FREE (NSW) kayak & canoe
  92. FREE (NSW) Skill Sher pedistal router
  93. FREE (NSW) FREE: various sizes of raw particleboard, MDF and melamine board
  94. FREE (SA) brown built shelving
  95. FREE (VIC) Free Chestnut Small Spindles Blanks and Boards
  96. FREE (QLD) Free h/d trolley for clamp rack conversion
  97. FREE (QLD) Free Dexion shelving unit
  98. FREE (VIC) Free Aldi bench saw
  99. FREE (VIC) Free New Guinea Rosewood (pickup Taylor’s Hill or Caroline Springs)
  100. FREE (QLD) 2 Kaindl angle grinder safety guards (new)
  101. FREE (SA) Antique leg vice
  102. FREE (SA) Free shelving
  103. FREE (NSW) Adjustable universal mobile base - Free
  104. FREE (SA) Carbatec 4" dust collection FREE
  105. FREE (NSW) Garden sleepers
  106. FREE (WA) Nitto Style compressor fittings
  107. FREE (QLD) Workshop mobile clamp rack or sheet material rack
  108. FREE (NSW) Paulcall 6" Planer & 10" Sawbench
  109. FREE (QLD) Giveaway - 30mm dia. Spindle moulder shaft etc
  110. FREE (QLD) Giveaway - dust extraction shroud to suit 300mm thicknesser
  111. FREE (QLD) Giveaway - trolley for sash clap rack, material storage
  112. FREE (QLD) 32cm 10 vane dust impeller
  113. FREE (VIC) Fax /copier Brother 2750 + extra toner cartridge
  114. SWAP 3HP Hafco extractor for a 2HP
  115. FREE (VIC) Free Drill Press to a good home
  116. FREE (VIC) Water Tank - Free to good home
  117. FREE (NSW) FREE NSW Sydney Lilli Pilli Timber
  118. FREE (NSW) Free Veneered Mdf and chipboard
  119. DONE Wood planes book
  120. FREE (SA) Free piece of Weeping Cherry South Australia
  121. FREE (QLD) Australian wood review magazines
  122. FREE (VIC) Buffet for material
  123. DONE FREE - Banksia wood for Woodwork or sculpture
  124. DONE Banksia wood for Woodwork or sculpture
  125. FREE (NSW) Falcon Jointing Plane needs work no F7
  126. FREE (NSW) Floor Standing Drill Press - Woonona near Wollongong
  127. FREE (SA) cast iron router top for carbatec cabinet table saw.
  128. FREE (NSW) Ozito 12 volt cordless drill
  129. FREE (NSW) Makita DC1414T battery charger
  130. FREE (NSW) Charles and Hunting dovetail machine plus 12” Hyco Bandsaw.If you want it
  131. FREE (QLD) 12 blades for a Stanley Combination plane
  132. SWAP 6'' jointer with 3 sets of spare blades
  133. FREE (Anywhere) Corvette plastic model kit
  134. FREE (QLD) Handsaw sharpening vice.
  135. FREE (VIC) Unknown Logs & Other Timbers
  136. FREE (NSW) Triton TRA 001 router
  137. FREE (VIC) Home Brew Bottle Tree
  138. FREE (QLD) 240v 3hp Spindle Moulder (30mm dia. Tilting Spindle)
  139. SWAP 240v 3hp spindle moulder (30mm dia. tilting spindle)
  140. FREE (QLD) Free: Big Lenox Woodmaster Bandsaw Blade
  141. FREE (NSW) Giveaway Triton Router and Jigsaw Stand
  142. FREE (NSW) Giveaway timber bits and pieces
  143. FREE (VIC) Bosch RA1165 base for Bosch 1617/18 routers
  144. FREE (WA) 20A single Phase switch
  145. FREE (QLD) Saw Bench
  146. FREE (NSW) Blockout blinds
  147. FREE (QLD) Turner hand plane tote
  148. FREE (QLD) Free Elekta Beckum Dust Extractor
  149. FREE (VIC) Peppercorn - large branches and burls
  150. FREE (NSW) FREE: Planer Knife Setting Jig