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  1. My latest commission piece
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  3. Any pyrographers out there?
  4. First attempt at PYROGRAPHY
  5. Second attempt (had to fix the first attempt)
  6. Pelican is on water
  7. First attempt at carving and pyrography of a sugar glider
  8. Carving and pyrography combination of a sugar glider
  9. Fairly new beginner, any tips/critisism/pointers welcome and wanted!
  10. Fly like an eagle
  11. Another Newbie
  12. new work
  13. Removing ink after burning
  14. Seeking help
  15. I made a short video on how to get started with pyrography
  16. New to the art of pyrography
  17. Looking for advice and reviews on pyrography
  18. Picture
  19. my latest work
  20. 2 recent portraits
  21. my latest work
  22. Twin Peaks bird
  23. RazorTip Kit
  24. Power supply question
  25. Newby looking for wood reccomendations
  26. Line Help and Consistency
  27. Finish for pyrography
  28. Seen better times
  29. Wallace’s hut; Bogong high plains (from a photo by Rod Waddington with permission)
  30. Difficult piece
  31. Canadian Greyhound
  32. Covid Lock Down
  33. Another dog
  34. my lastest couple of burnings