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  1. What's an Automata
  2. New Project WIP
  3. Cat and Mouse
  4. The Anniversary Dinner
  5. New Automata Post
  6. New Works from Tokyo Japan
  7. New works from Japan : YouTube Videos
  8. Not wood but still wow!
  9. great video on kinetic motion of models
  10. Greetings from Tokyo Japan
  11. Thank you for looking at my works on YouTube.
  12. Automaton Project - working title "Grandpa"
  13. New Works from Tokyo
  14. Marble lifter
  15. New Project "Immortality"
  16. Greeting and New Works from TOKYO, YouTube Videos
  17. Trying my hand at automata Caterpillar
  18. Bessler's Wheel
  19. "Loch Ness Monster" - The truth !
  20. The Bot that Trots
  21. New Project - Working Title "Mouse Wheel"
  22. WIP Completed Mouse Wheel - Renamed "The Treadmill"
  23. Flight Testing a Wooden Drone
  24. Summer greetings from Tokyo Japan with YouTube Video
  25. Automata for Intended Re-make of Website
  26. Video of Whimsical Wood Title Automata
  27. Greetings from Tokyo with YouTube videos.
  28. New Project "Gift To The World"
  29. Marble elevator!
  30. Summer greeting from Tokyo, Japan
  31. New year greeting from Tokyo Japan
  32. " The Occasional Golfer" Automaton
  33. Greeting from Tokyo Japan
  34. Spring greetings from Tokyo.
  35. "A Moment At The Seaside" WIP
  36. 100 Year Old Self Playing Violin
  37. Summer greeting from Tokyo Japan
  38. The Woodturner
  39. The Birds
  40. New Project: Flapping Butterfly with a Passenger
  41. Birthday/Christmas Gift
  42. New year greetings from Tokyo