View Full Version : Forestry Commission Permits.

14th Jul 2004, 07:53 PM
I thought some of you may want to know about State Forests Permits that can be issued for collecting timber in their forests.
I've been along many of the logging trails on the Mid North Coast and have been amazed at the amount of timber that is wasted or burnt after the loggers leave a site. I visited our local State Forests office yesterday and received a 3 month permit to harvest 2 tonne from any of the compartments listed on the permit.
Naturally there are limitations such as you can't actually cut anything down and there is a max 400mm diameter on any logs taken.
At least this means that you can legally go into a state forest with your chainsaw and collect some very good timber for turning and I suppose a byproduct is that by collecting timber that might otherwise be burnt you will lower the demand on the resource. Every little bit helps.
Also, it's amazing what you find at the tip. I went to our local one and picked up a lump of mesquite that was almost identical to the one in the latest Australian Woodworker. I found out the hard way that it was mesquite. I reached into the pile to get it and my arm got impaled on three spikes on the way out. It was worth it though. I turned my first box with it and to say that the wood is stable is an understatement. I was covered in sap while turning it and the box turned out solid as a rock.