View Full Version : how much endcheck do u use?

18th Jul 2004, 03:49 PM
I have started to get to many logs and i need to start turning some so i can get some more. I wanted to rough turn them and seal them and was going to get 2L of endcheck but i was wondering how long this would last.
how much would u use on an average sized bowl about 200 round?

18th Jul 2004, 04:48 PM
You only seal endgrain whether it is rough turned or not. Once turned, seal the endgrain, put the wood into a large plastic bag with a few small holes and store it in the shade ( cool place ) and out of draughts. The drying process will be slow and the risk of splitting minimised. Some guys apply Tung oil liberally and leave the blank in a cool draught free place to dry for months, before turning the final article.
I have had a lot of success with HUT wax. I turn the blank to finished product, walls as thin as possible, sand ( using a heatgun to dry the surface for sanding...not too much heat! ) and then finish with the HUT wax stick and burnish the wax into the wood. I turn it in two processes by attaching the blank with a screw chuck, do the base complete with recess for scroll chuck and make sure that I apply the wax all over including the recess. Then I reverse it onto a scroll chuck and turn the rest. Again I ensure that the wax covers all areas. Tkat way the object is sealed in wax and I have never had one of them split. Worth a try but if yours split don't blame me!