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6th Aug 2009, 12:08 AM
Secure Online Ordering (https://secure.cyanide.com.au/ubeaut/price2.html)
is back on our site after 12 months
of being closed to the general public.
CLICK HERE (https://secure.cyanide.com.au/ubeaut/price2.html)

It now works on all browsers, without throwing itself all over the screen, and for the first time you order our Exclusive Selection (http://www.ubeaut.com.au/disks.htm) 75mm and 50mm Abrasive Discs designed for the U-Beaut Original Rotary Sander (http://www.ubeaut.com.au/rotary1.htm) and our new power sanding head (more on them later). These discs also fit all other veldro faced 75mm and 50mm sanders and outlast the best of the other abrasives by about 5 to one or better.

Cheers - Neil :U

6th Aug 2009, 10:25 AM