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27th Jul 2004, 10:01 PM
I might be buying a new lathe soon and a Delta DE-46-715 lathe was in the Carbatec catalogue and was in my price range. I was wondering if this lathe is any good?
I will need a lathe for bowls and other small items such as pens, the biggest thing it will have to do is maybe some burls up to 500 round and 75 thick outboard turning.
The stand doest look that great to me so i will proberly build a jarrah bench for it with a couple of drawers to put stuff in later on so besides that has anyone had any problems with this lathe?

28th Jul 2004, 08:14 PM
Leighd, I have never seen one of these lathes except in the catalogue. I am not sure that the lathe is capable of outboard turning and the 3/4 hp motor would struggle with a 500x75 burl blank. Some one who owns one probably knows better.

Wayne Blanch
28th Jul 2004, 08:52 PM
Hi, I purchased one of these model lathes about a month ago. I am relatively new to turning, I had a really cheap Chinese lathe before (My wife bought the cheapie for me a couple of years ago and only paid $200 for it.) I have found th Delta to be great. I have been turning boxes and mostly small things (including pens.) since I got it but I have turned one bowl with a diameter of about 380mm with a depth of about 200mm and a platter with diameter of about 450mm without any problems. Regarding the outboard turning, the headstock will rotate through 360 degrees. I have turned a couple of items using this and it seems to work well. (Having said that, you need to bear in mind that my last lathe didn't have this facility and so I don't have any prior experience with outboard turning.) Regarding the legs, I have not had any problems with them they are relatively solid when I was looking to buy I compared this lathe to the MC900 and I thought that the legs looked more solid. In fact this was one of the reasons that I purchased the Delta over the MC900. I had seen some comments on this forum and in other places stating that the MC900 had poor/light stands. It is still my intention to build a stand to suit, however time is not always on my side so I opted for the Delta as I knew I would not get to making the stand immediately. In short I am quite pleased with the Delta.
Many happy turns

31st Jul 2004, 07:58 PM
Hi Leighd
Might as well chuck in my 2 bob's worth, I've been checking out the lathe that your looking at in the Carba-Tec catalogue, and it strike's me that the MC 1100 might be worth a look also, 1100 bc, 350mm swing, swivel head, and a 1 HP MOTOR for $479.00, add to that the set of cast iron leg's that they sell for $129.00,grand total $608.00.
Still under budget, and could be a good set-up, anyway just a thought, all the very best with your final choice, have fun :D

Thought the desk you made was EXCELLENT, first rate. ;)