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19th Sep 2009, 06:28 AM
Hi To All Turners,
I thought I would tell about the Weekend past down at Cowes Vic,
at the Christian Youth Camp. There is no better place than this one, with it's massive Gym, where all the Lathes go, the eating area, & the Kitchen Staff, Marvelous.
Must mention " The Organizers",
being ; Caroline & Bruce Talbot, Guilio & Sue Marcolongo, without these people it most likely would not happen, & helped by Nellie Durrant.
1.30pm Fri. Afternoon, the Gym is almost full of Lathes. there were 74 lathes this Year.
I'm told 134 people attended. The Raffle raised $1000 that went to The MS Charity.
Thanks Must Be Given to the People who gave Donations of Prizes for the Raffle.
We were told of Caroline's Award of a Building to be in Her Name, & well Deserved.
I did not hear the figure for the Silent Auction, but would have brought many $100's.
Jim & Irene, Vic & Bev Wood, Guilio & Sue Marclongo, Brendan Stemp,
Neil & Pauline Ellis, & Julie, Ken & Helen Wraight, were there as well as
2 N/Zealanders, 2 from ACT. about 8 from NSW. & the rest from all over VIC.
The Boys & Lady from Horsham brought Wood for sale, as did Les Hite from Sth. Pambula, & Mr. White I think.
We had 3 Lady Turners. Quite a few Full Lathes, with many Yellow Woodfast, Vicmarc, Jet, & Leada Lathes well represented. The Gym closed at 1.45am Fri. night/ Sat Morn. Not sure of opening Sat. Morning, But closed at about 1.15am.
Sun morn.
About the same Sun. Morning till approx. 11.30 / 12noon finish, then the clean up.
It was a great weekend Weather wise, & the big TV Screen was going for the C/wood / Adelaide game.
I think there were more Ladies this year, as they went Shopping then the Coffee Shops got a bit of a workout, but they were never bored.
The Kitchen Staff were great again, Food was Marvelous, Morning & Afternoon Goodies came to the Gym. The Commerarde was Excellent. If you wanted to know how to do a particular job you were unsure of, help was always there.
There was some Magnificent Turnings made over those couple of Days.
If you wish to go in 2010 you should put you name down now, ring Caroline Talbot.
Last but not least, there were a quite a few Forum Members attended.

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19th Sep 2009, 06:49 AM
Bugger. Think of the fun I will miss.

Here I am, basically latheless, and thousands of ks away.:C:C

19th Sep 2009, 02:31 PM
I echo isatree's sediments exactly!:2tsup:
What a great weekend and great organisation! Already booked for next year and now looking forward to the Horsham You Turn in 2010.