View Full Version : Concrete deck, topped with TAR??

10th September 2004, 09:30 AM
Hi all.

I'm a home owner and the top of my (very large) double garage happens to be my patio. The top is concrete and until a few days ago was covered by (very ratty) indoor/outdoor carpeting.

I am selling the house and thought to spruce it up a bit by removing the carpet and painting the concrete. I don't want to put anything expensive down as the future owners may wish to do something else with it.
Upon removeal of the carpet and glue.. we saw that the concrete was actually covered by some sort of tar-like material.. about 1cm thick.. don't know what it is.. but we're pretty certain paint won't stick to it.

What can I use to cover up this ugly stuff? The best we've come up with so far is.. driveway sealer??


10th September 2004, 10:38 AM
I've seen someone ( in uk) embed very fine gravel into a tar surface. I think the technique was to sweep a thin layer over it and roll it in with something like a lawn roller. Then sweep off the excess.

you could try a small area first and see whether you like the effect ( mind you if you don't you'll be on your hands and knees picking gravel out for a while ).

do a search on google.co.uk for tar+gravel+roof and you will realise this is a fairly standard construction method for shed/garage roofs in uk. Gravel is there to protect the tar from the heat where the tar is over roofing felt.