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11th May 2010, 11:37 AM
I am looking for a good supplier of clock parts and need to find a supplier that has numbers that actually stick to wood or has spigots that can be glued into holes to stop them falling of

In the past the supplier I used in Bunbury may have had old stock and I had great difficulty in sticking them down

I have been thinking that instead of numbers I may be able to use brass or stainless rivets of different sizes (larger for the quarter hour and smaller for the five minute indicators) glued into the wood - comments please and where could these be sourced from. They could be sprayed over to keep their shine.


I originally placed this in the woodturning section as I hoped there would be a greater audience than just clock makers re the use of rivets instead of numbers - was a good idea while it lasted

DJs Timber
11th May 2010, 12:15 PM
Why not try LETS MAKE TIME CLOCK CO - Woodwork Forums (http://www.woodworkforums.com/f214/), they're are sponsor here on the Forum for the CLOCKS - Woodwork Forums (http://www.woodworkforums.com/f168/)

Link to their site is at the top of the page :aro-u: