View Full Version : Pole Lathes & shaving horses

12th May 2010, 01:52 PM
Sad to say but the Chairman is closing down .... for lack of a long term suitable location to live, work and showcase his beautiful chairs in the Southern Highlands. Seven moves in two years with another move imminent is one move too many. Pole lathes, shaving horses and possibly tools will be available to purchase middle of August at completion of our final Traditional Greenwood Chair workshop. Our last workshop already has six students confirmed. Finding students and finding clients hasn't been the problem. Finding an honest and honorable landlord has.
If anyone keen to work traditionally wants a pole lathe & shaving horse, both of which pack down flat, make contact to [email protected] to talk options.

Big Splinter
2nd July 2010, 05:56 PM
Hi Richard,

Its a pity to hear of your troubles with landlords. Had similar problem with an old boss and the landlord decided his iron clad sheds were worth stupid amounts of rent. Thankfully we are both doing ok a few years on.

I'll send you an email regarding shaving horses.

I will also try to catch up next time I visiting my parents in Mittagong.