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31st Aug 2008, 10:34 PM
Now that the entries are in, here's what happens next.

All pictures of each entry will be posted here for forum viewing. A poll will be added to the viewing thread during the next day. The poll will allow forum members to vote for their favourite. One vote only though.

Judging - Funky Chicken has three judges who will be viewing the challenge box entries over the next week. They are:

Jow104 - John,
Chris Vesper and
Doug Stowe.

So, best of luck to all entrants.

31st Aug 2008, 10:56 PM

This box maker has always been fascinated by the old badbushchook box which is a distant relative of the famous Russian babushka dolls. So, when given the opportunity, he turned his piece of camphor laurel into one of these legendary Australian icons. The knot hole was left on the top so that the scent of camphor could escape and the spirit of bad bush chooks could come and go ….
then, true to the tradition, there is another box……...
and another, until ….
there were 5 and, what’s that sticking its head out of the top box?
why it’s the ultimate bad bush chook, it’s Funkychicken himself!
Being the nerd that he should be (but isn’t), the box maker created a spreadsheet to get the maximum number of boxes out of the blank and to give the optimum size for finger jointing. The blank was resawn to give 10mm thickness stock and the cut list was determined by cutting paper blanks of all 30 pieces and laying them out on the stock. The 5 boxes are all cubes from 114mm down to 34mm. All were sanded and waxed on the outside with Ubeaut Traditional wax until they were glassy smooth. The inside was left sanded only so that the scent of camphor still pumps out when the boxes are inserted.



31st Aug 2008, 11:20 PM

Not much story attached to this entry, but the AA battery is for scale


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31st Aug 2008, 11:35 PM

My box is the front of an A model ford. Full board was resawn to 6mm sheets/planks.Thus some of the box is laminated
To make the timber go further,I made the top of the bonnet hollow .The chassis rails are 4 laminations, Grill is 2 laminations etc.
Not what I would prefer to do , but that was what I had to do to get enough wood to build box.
The dark trim is Jarrah. I turned the radiator cap and the back stands on my miniature metal turning lathe that I have had for nearly 30 years.
Timber was all run through thicknesser then sanded with 400 aluminium oxide paper before I started.
Glue was all epoxy and superglue so I didnt have to contend with PVA . (No creepng in joins.)
Box is lined with flocking .
Outside is a lot of coats of Minwax wipe on poly. Rubbed with 1200 wet and dry (always wet)
Had trouble with poly with the cold weather.
No polish or wax used on finish.




1st Sep 2008, 12:05 AM
This box maker sanded to 800, and finished with several coats of sprayed on Estapol Gloss, and rubbed with wire wool between coats.




1st Sep 2008, 12:34 AM


This is a what-not box for SWMBO. The main body is coopered and handplaned to the oval shape. The lid was cut out prior to glue-up to allow the saw kerf around the lid to be closed up at assembly time. The oval is set out based on the "four-centred ellipse" (http://mysite.du.edu/~jcalvert/math/ellipse.htm (http://mysite.du.edu/%7Ejcalvert/math/ellipse.htm)), a drafting technique where the oval is constructed from four circular arcs of just two different radii. Just 2 bevels angles on the saw are all that is needed when it comes to cut the staves. The drawers are hand dovetailed and the drawer bottom rebates were cut using a cutting gauge and small chisel for the cleanup. The box ends are made of pine and friction fit onto the body of the box and are inlayed with camphor laurel diamond marquetry - my first attempt at this. The supports are glued hand-sawn laminates of camphor. The main compartment is lined with microsuede. The finish is three coats of a tung oil/polyurethane blend and two coats of a buffing oil.




1st Sep 2008, 12:42 AM

This box maker created 6 jigs to complete this design. I believe the money in one of the pics may be intended for the judges :U



1st Sep 2008, 12:53 AM

This box is along traditional lines, but with a hand carved lid. It is finished with Ubeaut Sanding sealer and Traditional wax as per instructions




1st Sep 2008, 12:56 AM

This box maker chose a traditional dovetailed box with dyed lid edging and dyed wooden feet



1st Sep 2008, 01:07 AM

Thanks to Funkey C for the nice piece of Camphor laurel.
First thing was to decide what to make the box for,as the box that holds the name tags for my orchid collection was full
this was the choice to make a larger one that would hold more tickets.
Started by cutting the Camphor Laurel to 10 mm thick on the bandsaw, working out the size of the tickets making four compartments gave me the size of the box.As the timber was 140 wide that was the width of the lid length 230 x 70 high
Cut the sides and the ends of the box,set up the Gifkin dovetail jig and cut the dovetails,assembled the box and grooved
the base for the bottom of the box, the bottom was made from the off-cut of the sides and ends.
All parts sanded and glued dovetail corners together with bottom of box in place,cut top of box and glued down,sanded outside of box, the cut the top section to form the lid, sanded and hinged lid.
Made cross section dividers from off-cut of sides to make the four compartments.
Final sanding all over and finished with two coats of Orange oil.
All material used Camphor Laurel, a pair of hinges and a jewel box catch.




1st Sep 2008, 01:25 AM

Finish: Satin Clear Minimax Wipe on Poly over White Shellac, The lid as been EEE'd and Trad Waxed.
Legs - housed to hold the base and lid supports, bamboo toothpicks to hold it all together (no metal fasteners)
Base and Lid support - keyed & mitred
Base and Lid - cut out to fit around the legs. The base floats but is held in place by the legs.
Handle - cold water-soaked for 24 hours then bent and dried to shape. Held in place by bamboo toothpicks




1st Sep 2008, 01:39 AM

Here's my attempt - made the deadline! The box is 190 long x 100 wide x 110 high and only made from the supplied plank. It is finished with 3 coats of Danish Oil (I may add some more if I get keen later). The main timber thickness ended up around 7mm. I had some challenges trying to work around all the splits and faults in the plank but still got caught in a couple of places. It was made with my 8 inch table saw, router table, No4 hand plane, random orbital sander, Dremel (Triton), model makers mitre box and saw, plus a few other hand tools.




1st Sep 2008, 01:48 AM

The box is a stretched hexagon with Australian Red Cedar highlights. The centre of the lid is about 20mmx65mm cedar. Every other piece of cedar matches the amount of camphor laurel removed - ie the 2.8mm kerf of my saw. I was planning on making an insert tray, but ran out of time so I still have tome timber remaining.

The corners are mitres with horizintal cedar splines. The idea was to line up the splines with the cedar strips running around the box - not to hide them (as you're seeing end grain this was never going to happen).

The timber was resawn on a Triton WC2000 (turns out it sin't the best tool for the job!!). I ripped a 50mm strip off the top, and then resawed wach strip into a 7 and 9mm strip. After planing and sanding, this came down to about 6mm and 8mm. I don't have a thicknesser, so this was all manual. Walls and lid were the 8mm timber, base was the 5mm stuff. The remaining timber is the 5mm stock, which would suffice for the insert tray if I ever get around to it!

The cedar strips in the lid were inserted into a 3mm deep dado, so do not go all the way through. The cedar strips around the box sides are full thickness - ie ripped the timber into 4 strips, glued it back together replacing camphor cut away from the kerf with cedar. Once the box was assembled, the lid was cut away.

Finish was hand sanding box to 400 grit, two coats of UBeaut sanding sealer, then finished with UBeaut Ultra Shine buffed on a Swansdown mop. Inside left raw for the camphor smell...




1st Sep 2008, 02:15 AM

Please find attached my unfinished box. As it is not finished, it does not qualify for the competition. However, I am sending the pictures to at least let FunckyChicken know that the board is being put to good use. Only bits not forming part of the box are the small pieces and shavings shown.

I was torn between racing to finish ... and finishing it off properly. Have chosen to finish it off properly.

I have learned a lot ... my first solo box, first resaw and first use of scroll saw. I ambitiously set out to build a 300 x 200 x 120 box from the 740 x 145 x 18 board. No embellishment as I really wanted to highlight the beautiful natural grain and colour in the Camphor Laurel. Have sanded the sides of the box to 800 grit and was surprised at the lustre generated. Top has not had much sanding yet (80 grit). Finish applied .... none yet. I will give the box the full Ubeaut treatment.
The whole exercise was completed in the middle of the back lawn - except bandsaw in garage. After this I've been inspired to get my shed organised so that I can use it. And I've had fun



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1st Sep 2008, 02:35 AM
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Thanks to Neil for providing the facilities for this event to happen.


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