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DVD Educator
9th Jul 2010, 12:19 AM
Hi All
Thanks for looking at the forum.
As the name suggests, DVD Educator (http://www.dvdeducator.com.au) is about learning by DVD.
You can't always watch an expert every time you need to learn another woodworking skill.

I don't know about you, but when I want to learn a woodworking skill, a book is hard to follow. I'd much rather watch someone show me.

Hence the DVDs. It's good they don't get impatient if I watch them more than once.

Anyway we have a lot of woodworking (http://dvdeducator.com.au/online/index.php/woodworking-dvds-c-60) and woodturning (http://dvdeducator.com.au/online/index.php/wood-turning-dvds-c-62) titles. Just the thing to help you with that project.

A few of the woodworking titles are:
Build a Shaker Table
Chairmaking Techniques
Dovetail a Drawer.

There are plenty. Click on the link and have a look.

Also the Woodturning DVDs include Neil Scobie's 3 DVDs. Neil is an Australian Woodturning expert and I had the privilege of watching him in action at a demonstration put on by the local woodworking club. His DVDs are great and easy to follow. I particularly like Making a Wave Rim Bowl (http://dvdeducator.com.au/online/product_info.php/making-wave-bowl-with-neil-scobie-wood-turning-p-248).
My favourite wife would like me to make one. It looks like I'll be watching Neil's DVD again.:wink: