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6th November 2004, 08:46 PM
I have a 1.2m high retaining wall all along my property on one side. It is bricks all the way but for some 10 meters that is (was) hardwood.
Well despite my painting it with old car oil and a spray with termite barrier, the little buggers got into it and it came down... patapum.
So there I was facing a lot of diggin and showeling. Not happy Marc.

Anyway, as usual I got in long haul mode and dug all the old stuff out slowly but never stopping. Wheelbarrowed a few tons of dirt at the sound of the next door dog that barks in 4 hour sessions non stop, keeping my adrenaline high and my imagination active with visions of dogs strung up on a tree, dogs peeping in my nignt vision sights getting a 223 between the ears and other niceties...

After hitting all sort of stuff like steel pipes, bricks, clay pipes, plastic pipes, yea that's right it wasn't that nice, I finaly had it all clear but had yet to decide for a product to use.
I did not take long to decide and if you ever need to build a retaining wall, you cannot go past the Keystone product.
At first I was trying to get the smaller ones because they are so much easier to handle, but I am glad I didn't. This blocks are huge and weigth 42 kilos each. Ouch, that's right but you build your wall so quick you wan't beleive it. The biggest work is to dig all out clean the site, fill in the foundations with roadbase, level it and set the first row, level each block, line it up with a string. If you do the first row right, the rest is a breeze.
It is a bit pricy at $14 each but I paid $7.80 for factory seconds and as happy as Larry.

Now the question is ... who is Larry ? :D

7th November 2004, 09:04 AM
and the whiteants hate 'em!