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5th May 2011, 07:41 PM
I have not seen and comments by Forum members who attended last weekends You Turn at Horsham organised by Brendan Stemp so here goes.

Great organisation as usual by Brendan and his team of assistants and everyone was well fed.:2tsup:

At my count there were 51 lathes of all sizes and breeds, with plenty of assistance offered, if required, by , Shane Wolf, Brendan and Jim Carroll. Yes, Jim is not only a business operator of renown but an accomplished turner himself.

Apart from turning, there were demonstrations organised and presented by some of the attendees and covered, using the skew (no prizes for guessing by who), use of Gilding to enhance your work, using Epoxy resin, ornamental turning, and turning burls.

Many spot raffles were conducted with prizes donated by many Woodworking businesses, too many to mention. 100% of the proceeds of the efforts are donated to an Australian charity supporting a remote region in East Timor (sorry the name escapes me, I'm sure Brendan will help me on this). Well done anyway.

The weekend went all too fast and I already have booked in for the next You Turn for 27th to 30th April, 2012.

Jim Carroll
5th May 2011, 08:06 PM
Yes Russell a great weekend was had by all.

As with all these events they are all very social and everyone is willing to help each other.

Russell the donations went to Emera in Timor

5th May 2011, 08:31 PM
Hi to all,
Yes I agree, what a Great Weekend, & we were even allowed to Turn on the Fri.
Not Mentioned, was 80+ People, & I counted 20 Ladies, & the Ladies had their own Craft Pieces to do, so there wasn't much Shopping done
There were 16 Yellow Lathes, 9 Blue ones, & the rest were an assortment of Big Lathes
Most of the Ladies helped with the Food, & the meals were great.
So Brendan, Penny, Giesle, Pat, Colin, Bob, Alan, should all be rather proud of their Efforts.