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27th January 2012, 01:31 PM
:no: Hey guy`s here`s a good project to make found it on a web what a beauty. Alot of curves i like the black it`s a 1928 mercedes benz it`s actualy the real car well that would look good on my shelf to many projects not enough life time left i`m getting ready to make a mack B model thanks to Bret for picture`s and a sketch going to see if i can make a full size plan of it don`t know if il be able to make it i`m not to good at building model`s Haa Haa

27th January 2012, 09:22 PM
So "Hornpout", Are you going to making up some plans and build this car?
From what I've seen, you'd do a great job on it.
Looking for to seeing you truck too.
Cheers, crowie

27th January 2012, 09:39 PM
Here ya go Hornpout, some blueprints:

Mercedes Benz SSK (http://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints/cars/mercedes/19456/view/mercedes-benz_ssk_7_1l/)

28th January 2012, 03:33 PM
Beaudy Hornpout!!!:2tsup::2tsup::2tsup:

Classic Art Deco car design!:)

29th January 2012, 08:31 AM
Wow! that would be terrific.