View Full Version : Putting pictures into Market Place/Auctions

1st October 2013, 02:40 AM
The following is a rough guide to inserting pictures into threads/posts so they can be seen on phones, tablets, android products and iProducts, etc using the Default Mobile skin.

More and more people are accessing the forums via android devices, iPhones, etc, so this info is particularly important if you what people to see your photo's even more important if you want people to actually see what you are selling if you are using the Market Place/Auctions forum.

http://d1r5wj36adg1sk.cloudfront.net/pics/Photo insert 1.png

http://d1r5wj36adg1sk.cloudfront.net/pics/Photo insert 2.png

That's the basics in a nutshell.
If you follow the info shown above people shouldn't have any problems seeing pics on all sorts of mobile devices.

Hopefully this might clear up a few problems some are having seeing pics.

You may not see all pics if you are not logged in or are a Newbie. Viewing of pics is a privilege that must to be earned by contributing to the forums.

If you are using Tapatalk in the Market Place/Auctions you still probably won't be able to see pictures as it is not compatible with that section of the forums and probably never will be. Use the forums Default Mobile Style which can be found in the drop down, at the bottom of all pages on the left side.

Cheers - Neil :U