View Full Version : Soda water for <8c/L

6th Mar 2016, 03:07 PM
I just installed a 6.8kg food grade CO2 bottle under the house and connected it up via a high pressure hose to the Soda Stream bubbleator in the kitchen.

With SWMBO home retired were going through about 3L of soda water a day, 20+L a week so a regular cylinder (makes 60L and costs $19) lasts less than 3 weeks and am forever replacing gas bottles.

The refill on the big cylinder costs around $50 but has more than 11 times more gas so the cost per litre is less than 8c/L.

Installation is made easier with a quick fit hose which separates the fittings at each so requires only a 22 mm hole be drilled through things. On my setup I had to pass through an Oregon Pine Benchtop, Middle and bottom shelf of a kitchen cupboard and then through 19 mm Jarrah floorboard. Also had to make sure I missed a floor joist and bearer.

The space under the kitchen where the CO2 bottle sits is about 1350 mm high and floored with concrete slabs. It's sealed from the weather and is where I store a lot of timber. The CO2 cylinder is just inside the access door so quite easy to get at fore replacement although this will only need take place about every 8 months or so.

Taste of the soda is the same.