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2nd November 2016, 01:32 AM

I've never had any success growing spuds, but this year is a little better, mostly small but still ok, next year I'll plant varieties that are available earlier, (March) that way I'll get a longer growing season before it gets too hot.

Atherton raspberry, I've had it in a pot for two years until this spot was ready, hasn't had a lot of fruit on it as yet but I see potential, it will spread and has lots of thorns so not the most friendliest of plants, no worse than the blackberry by the look of it, I do like berry fruits, I miss the cold climate raspberry so will see how this one goes.

Corn, it's the tallest corn I've ever grown, 8' at least, my long handled pitch fork gives some reference, variety Balinese, not sure if it is a tall plant naturally, in the foreground is sweet potato that is spreading into the corn and to the right is another patch of recently planted green manure.

A spider making a meal of a hover fly ??? in a cucumber flower.

And more green manure, a mix of sorghum, lab lab, fenugreek, linseed, marigold and butterfly pea. Up to a certain height everthing will grow together but the sorghum soon outgrows all the low growing stuff, it dies out except for around the edges, the lab lab will climb and may even smother the sorghum, the butterfly pea is a new trial so not sure how that will behave but is supposed to climb. The first lot of sorghum has gone to seed, and again it's taller than my fork!! I'll let it mature and see if I can successfully save some, for chook feed? The second lot is not far behind and the third lot is about a foot high.

I am seeing some definate improvements in the way things are growing, I put it down to more woody matter in my compost for one but also I have been using a couple of fungas products from NTS, various species of fungas that help protect the roots and other species that form a mychorrizal association with the roots, this association is beneficial for the fungas and the plant, will see how that part of it goes.


2nd November 2016, 04:49 PM
Crikey, you're way ahead of us. Mind you it's been cold down here in nth est vic. Pete, where do you get your info regarding fungus?

2nd November 2016, 11:33 PM
Hi Brendan, we had 34 here the other day, that gets a bit hot on the old noggin, but it does mean I can be getting things going well before spring, last month of winter I had the first corn planted, I'm going for five successive plantings of corn this year, the third is happening very soon.

Regarding fungas and info, in the first instance it came from reading a book on soil biology, (Teaming with Microbes) then watching utube vids of Elaine Ingham, Micheal Menendez and a few others, search for Glomas Intraradices for info on arbuscular mychorrizal fungus, this species is the best one, there are others.

Nutri Tech Solutions (NTS) is where I buy from, located at Yandina north of Brisbane, they do a whole range of farm/garden products.