View Full Version : A Penguin's TV story.

28th January 2017, 11:01 AM
I made this stand for the TV in our Penguin. The stand allows the TV to swivel up and down as well as turn through 360 degrees so we can watch from anywhere in the camper, It's also adjustable for height. The voltmeter housing I made also houses a digital antenna socket and the socket on the left side of the cupboard supplies the power through a switchable cigarette lighter plug. I also added velcro on the back of the TV for the remote and a HD on which I store movies. I bought a vesa bracket from ebay for $10 and welded up a connecting bracket to attach it to the telescoping aluminium tube you see above the bench. When travelling the vesa connector I made just slips off the upper aluminium tube and that slides down inside another aluminium tube concealed under the bench top inside the cupboard. The telescoping tubes were a bit of a sloppy fit so I replaced the wheels on my scissor knurler with smooth wheels and shrunk the out tube in half a dozen spots. The tubes are a good fit now with very little slop.

28th January 2017, 11:10 AM
While I was at it I constructed this antenna pole and bracket. I constructed a bracket with two holes and fixed it to the side of the roof. A 2 metre length of 25mm ali tube slides inside the holes with 600mm jutting out below the bracket to act as a handle to turn the pole and antenna. This gives an antenna height of around 1.3 metres above the roof. To stop the rattling I shrunk a 300mm long piece of PVC plumbing pipe over the tube, this locates inside the two holes in the roof bracket. Poor photos, I'll blame the lighting.

28th January 2017, 11:20 AM
Also sent off for a bluetooth dongle which transmits the TV audio to the Fusion stereo in the Penguin. These work great and the sound is excellent. I paid just under $10 for this unit from a Chinese seller on ebay, Jaycar sell the same unit for $60-$70.