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7th May 2017, 06:09 PM
ZD915 80 Watt De-Solder Station Jaycar TS1513 Modifications.

I recently got fed up with the high noise level (about 199 dBA) out of my newish ZD915 generic type de-solder station.
Neighbours were complaining.

There must be heaps of these things around the world in one ZD type or another.
They work well enough.

I moved the internal air pump and PSU unit to the front by 15mm, by drilling new base mount holes, so as to get space for mounting a new fan.
I installed an 80mm 12 volt 80mA silent fan (and finger guard) Jaycar YX2570, by re-using the original top left mount hole, and by cutting a new hole in the rear panel.
Used some small rubber edge trim for aesthetics.
The station air extraction now works; the original vent holes were far too small, and contributed to the noise.

As the original fan was a 24 volt 40mm unit running on approx 18 V DC, I installed a 7812 +12V TO220 plastic case regulator on the top side of the PCB (which only has two R1 5W resistors), in the fan feed only, in the little plastic box at the rear.
This means that the 7812 has two ohms off 18 volts, and maybe generates about 0.5 watts heat.

I lashed the modified box to the front of the PSU with cable ties.

While I was working on this unit, I raised the angle of the solder gun holder to 55 degrees by cutting the original fabrication welds and using two small pop rivets.
I threw away the sponge and tied a kitchen stainless steel scrubbing pad (with no soap) to the sponge tray with 0.6 mm iron wire to use dry as a tip cleaner.
Much better than a wet sponge.

Removing the (Jaycar TS1386) gun clear tube for cleaning was a bit difficult, so I removed a cable tie from the air tube at the top of the gun, inside, so as to allow a little more rear movement of the back plastic pull back thing.
This internal tie is not really needed, as there is another at the gun bottom.
I coated the tube internally with a wipe of spray silicone to facilitate later cleaning.

For your info, when new, I measured the vacuum at the station front inlet at 25 inches of Hg, or about -12 PSI, and 22 inches at the gun tip.
I used an auto vacuum gauge.

Amazing transformation, very quiet, easier to use.
You won’t need mod photos, as small difference may occur in other ZD types; check suitability before you modify your unit.
If you are able to do this, you will figure out how to your own mods on your specific model.



2nd July 2019, 01:43 PM
Update for 2019

Good machine.

I have added two mods.

First is to add a 50 deg C normally open thermal switch, physically mounted on the power supply heatsink, and placed electrically in the DC fan supply.
This turns the fan on only when required, to keep noise down.
These devices probably don't need the fan on except when in constant use.
Jaycar cat ST3831 or Altronics similar.

Second is to add a rear mounted toggle switch in the heater circuit, so the tip doesn't not heat up.
This allows testing of the vacuum with a rubber hose and meter on the tip.
I use an old auto vacuum meter from my carburettor days.
My ZD915 (TS1513) unit vacuum reads 21 inches of Hg when it is clean and not clogged.

This desolder unit (and others like it) is worth its weight in gold when working on valuable or rare "Heritage Equipment".

2nd July 2019, 08:24 PM
Thanks for the update Mike. Mine is a different unit but the gun looks the same. It's not really noisy enough for me to make the changes but I'll keep this thread in mind for the future.

3rd July 2019, 09:08 AM
OK Archer,

I am bit OCD about any noise at all when I am doing precision component work and cant afford a mistake.

I read somewhere (EEV?) that someone did some temperature tests on this particular clone type desolder station and found that the power supply units and pumps don't heat
up much at all, and possibly don't even need a fan.
I temperature tested my PS on the bench for a while with top cover off, and the heatsink didn't get hot at all.

Two other small things I have done is screw mount a small round strong magnet on case top rear corner to hold the tips which are not in use, and a long "U" shaped metal strip on the rear to hold
the "tip cleaner rod things", so that I always know where they are.

When these guns and tips are clean and not clogged, they are very good indeed. Good vacuum pressure is the key.

I still use SolderWick; horses for courses.

4th July 2019, 10:42 PM
A magnet on the case for the tip cleaners is a great idea. Assuming they are magnetic. I'm going to go and check.......
Nope, and neither is the case. So much for that idea. Think I'll attach a small angle to the case and drill some small holes to hold the cleaners. Couple of bigger holes for the other tips
I use lots of wick to clean up SMD pads. When I use wick for removing solder now I flood it with flux before I touch it to the component. Makes the wick work so much better.

5th July 2019, 09:25 AM
Magnet is for tips.
"U" shaped holder for cleaner rods.
Switch for heater ON/OFF on rear.
Stainless steel scourer tip cleaner pad in lieu wet sponge.

Hi Archer - I use ChemTools gel flux.
What type of flux have you found best please?


5th July 2019, 07:56 PM
I'm using an Amtek RMA and a Mektronic Multicore X32-101 no clean. I've also got a Jaycar gel Rosin that I use a bit. The Mektonic is really good. I'll attach a holder to the case on the weekend.