View Full Version : Black & Silver Bangle and Pendant set

20th May 2017, 06:15 PM
Made for a friend of Deb's. Custom colour pour, in Silmar 41 polyester resin, purchased from the web.


I like how the colour changes with the sunlight.

20th May 2017, 06:26 PM
Very nice pat , well done they look great :2tsup:

dai sensei
20th May 2017, 11:04 PM
Great combo mate :cool:

Careful of the pendant though, as PR is brittle and the hole is close to the edge, it can break easily.

21st May 2017, 05:49 AM
Hello Neil, yes it was teeth and other body parts clenching time, when drilling the hole. With my wife observing and the deadline today for the finished set, I was concerned about Murphy stepping in. The bail is quiet mallable and I think it would fail before the pendant. I am not going to test that theory on this piece though :)