View Full Version : AZ Carbide, looking for International distibutors.

Not enough!!
4th Feb 2018, 09:27 AM
Got an email from A.Z Carbide saying they are looking for International Distributors, couldn't find any Aus links - so it might be a good pick up for someone, ie one of our sponsors etc.

No affiliation to me, just thought someone might benefit with a new product range.


extract from the email, i suppose you can cut and paste quotes from emails? Mod's delete it if its Not allowed.

International Dealers Needed

The United States Post Office has changed the shipping regulations. In an envelope we can now only ship documents. We must now ship via first class package. We currently ship to 30 countries but the price is now almost prohibitive for most individuals. We increased the cost of shipping international orders to $15. I feel like this is going to eliminate many of our individual orders so for that reason I am looking at setting up dealers in most of these countries. I have received request on Facebook from several dealers that are interested. We are still putting the details in place . This took us by surprise and we will change to service the international customers we have. If you might be interested please contact me at campbelnye@gmail.com


Visit Our Website (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001pzT-3XEbUCMI45y0frPreYRPzC1pG05yo0kpftQqIKGXrcrWlzYXT5iyibCMW7mpQZsEK4E4uaw2r7_Q_XAxT-QCge5RpQr_B-C1oxlX3Lx1uaMq1jFsZYOMdgsskdQyH3w48g6p3MHSpUbgVMd3HFJ_GLPZOS0vUlFLlHSc8l0=&c=FNDEaESzJMtioYAdPbc_SrxrBZhyw7zBsEBuhyOuge3bbfOQ2htsvA==&ch=FWHt3SIgRBd4xoBfOCKnYjha2x54AqG1MwD8J9hKfKSuQlAGIs1qcg==)

4th Feb 2018, 10:20 AM
Hope it is viable for an Aussie dealer to take them up as they are very good tips and were a very reasonable price. Glad I stocked up a bit recently.