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22nd Mar 2018, 03:55 PM
Just putting it out there.

Wonder if there is anyone in Oz thinking about taking on making quality wood turning tools for the AS maket, after the descision fm Sutton tools.

Have not tried then, but I do hear that the Vicmarc Bowl Gouges are pretty good.

What about it Vic/Marco have you thought about extending the chisel range, would be a good time to do it me thinks.


22nd Mar 2018, 04:44 PM
If P&N can't make it work I doubt any one else will be able to

23rd Mar 2018, 05:54 AM
I don't have any personal knowledge about the specific why's and wherefore's - but I do know there can be many reasons a company decides not to bring out a new product line... Or collapses... As we have seen from several recent failed ventures that went public on the board - It's not always that there's no market...

23rd Mar 2018, 09:35 AM
Being a general tooling company, Suttons would have just looked at their sales sheets and seen that their wood turning inventory wasn't moving compared to all of their other products lines and decided to stop that production line.

They may have looked at whether raising their prices and seeing if there was some inelastic demand for their turning tools that might justify them retaining their production. But, if they had looked at the competition they would have realised that their M2 turning tools, which they brought out over 20 years ago, are competing now with V10, powdered metals and other exotic HSSs in the next price bracket up. Tooling up for any of those may not have been economically attractive or fit in with their other product lines.

Vicmarc are the most likely heir apparents here in Australia. Unlike Suttons, Vicmarc is a turning equipment specialist. Their sales of any one product line will enhance the sales of their other products. Their current range of bowl gouges is probably testing out the market. I expect that this will be the space to watch.

What is not clear with Vicmarc is whether those gouges are of local manufacture or sourced off shore and rebadged, as is the case with the Woodfast and Gary Pye offerings. Anyone know the answer to that?

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