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Not enough!!
21st April 2018, 02:20 PM
I was very foolish, last night fishing from a local beach, i caught a 25cm salmon put it on my big rod live, waited only a few minutes rod tip moving slightly, lifted the rod tip, bit of weight there so i set the hook and away we go.

I thought whoops this thing is ripping the line from the reel like no tomorrow, so 15 minutes later, i foolishly walked into the water to get a closer look, as suspected it was a very large Eagle Ray,

I thought i would bring him into shallow water to get a better look with the headlamp, as i was a bit over my knees with waders on and a nasty rolling swell plus it was just on dusk, as my hands relaxed to get a better postion on the rod - old "Eddie" decided to have one last sprint.

You guessed right, the rod and reel flew out of my hands, i tried to reach it but the depth of the water and swell, were too dangerous.

So if you happen to haul up a Penn Allegiance surf rod and a 8500 V SSV series Penn Spinfisher reel, you will know the fool that owns it.

It Should be stuck on the reef somewhere, B.I.L was going to have a quick look on his Jetski today, zero chance of finding it!

Moral = if you think you have a ray on your line cut it and re-rig, trouble is Eagle Rays fight like sharks ie up and down the beach etc

Dopey Stevo:((

21st April 2018, 02:28 PM
Plenty more where they both come from. At least you were honest about 'the big one that got away'

22nd April 2018, 07:41 AM

The error that I see is when you relaxed. This gave Eddie the opportunity to leave and take your rod and reel with him. :yes:

Not enough!!
22nd April 2018, 08:51 AM
The even sillier thing was my B.I.L was standing beside me, if he had brought the gaff out into the water at least we could have tried to grab the reel with the gaff.

But all thats great in hindsight. B.I.L had a quick look but said the water was too cold to jump in, i think he is going to have another look today. Not fussed on the reel but the rod was great.

2nd May 2018, 04:10 PM
Iíve had a rod standing in a beach spike, big wave comes along and loosens the sand around it, then it falls in. The amazing thing is disappeared straight way - caught in the undertow and dragged straight out. Although we dragged the beach immediately casting out treble hooks on sinkers I never got it back.

Iíve had it happen on another occassion but I did get,that one back - it had a glow stick on it so I could see it. You have to be quick though, you only have a couple of seconds to get in and grab it before itís gone.

Bad luck about the Penn combo.


Not enough!!
3rd May 2018, 10:32 AM
Cheers Arron, bad luck as well, i was talking to the parcel delivery man, as he fishes around that area that i lost the rod, he said he has lost 2 rods and found one plus an anchor.

Also rang a mate as he and his buddies do a lot of diving there looking for crays plus huge sharks teeth (megaladon), so it may turn up.